Always Been Gay: Most Of The American Public Thinks Sexuality Is Predetermined

It's genetic. It's enviromental. I love you!

CNN is reporting in a resent poll (conducted with Opinion Research Corp.) that 56% of Americans don’t believe that a person can change their sexuality. The same study was done in 1998 and 2001 and had results of 36% and 45%, respectively.
This is a major swing in America’s sentiment (with a margin of error of plus/ minus 4.5 percentage points). In just 9 years the number of people that feel sexuality is genetic has risen by 20%. Are we becoming more tolerant? Has there been enough evidence presented that would lead people to feel this way? Are the same people (demographics any way) being interviewed? You would think that if homosexuality were a genetic trait that it would eventually be bred out. But, in the past gay people often hid it with a spouse and family (a beard, if you will). And now they’re able to use surrogates and David Crosby. Even if we discover a ‘gay gene,’ people will probably debate nature-nuture years to come. Honestly, could someone really grow up in a house with Gloria Vanderbilt and not have certain tendencies?