IamFreeTonight.com Launches Online Dating Application

IamFreeTonight.com Launches Online Dating Application

We met 40 minutes ago on the world wide interweb. Awesome.

From MSN Money

Online dating site IamFreeTonight.com, a property of eTwine Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: ETWI), is excited to announce that it has built an online dating application built on Facebook Platform. Since the recent unveiling of the IamFreeTonight.com dating application, membership levels at IamFreeTonight.com have been increasing steadily, and over 13,000 Facebook users have added the application already. The application enables Facebook users to experience the unique online dating features offered at IamFreeTonight.com within the Facebook site.

"Exposure of our unique and fun features such as Date Now! and Wingman to the Facebook user base represents a major step forward in the evolution of our company," said Clifford Lerner, eTwine's CEO. "We have noticed a sharp increase in our membership since the Facebook application was installed and we hope this growth continues as Facebook users become more familiar with our application."

The IamFreeTonight.com application is a natural fit for the Facebook user base due to its fun online dating concepts geared towards singles and a younger audience. Users can post when they are free to date and can select an activity to do on the date ranging from coffee to cocktails. Additionally, the application enables users to set up dates with other users, and even invite their friends to be their 'Wingman' to go on doubles dates.

Tango’s Take And now dating sites are exclusively for meeting and boning with as little effort as possible. Add onto this mobile-dating apps and there is no reason to actually ever date anyone unless you’re looking to get married and/ or have kids. Romance is dead! Thanks technology. Thanks for ruining poetry and flowers and chocolates and ice cream and puppies and calligraphy. We ran a piece in the Dish on June 18th about online infidelity.

Also another dating website called FarmersOnly.com debuted this week. Eventually, dating via internet is going to become so specific that it will more or less like dating people that live in your neighborhood, go to your school or church or work with you, that would be weird. Even more weird would be a site dedicated to dating family members, “WhyRoamWhenYouCanGetItAtHome.com.”

And finally, we have a seen an awful lot of dating coaches profiled in major media. Is dating advice (and sex advice) just something that everyone automatically assumes they are good at?

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