Greg Norman To Get Divorced And Marry Chris Evert

Greg Norman To Get Divorced And Marry Chris Evert

From Mercury SPECULATION is mounting that Greg Norman plans to marry his lover Chris Evert, with the golfer trying to speed up his divorce.
Lawyers representing the Great White Shark and his estranged wife Laura appeared in a Florida court yesterday to discuss divorce proceedings, with Mr Norman demanding that the court grant an order to legally end the 25-year marriage.

Mrs Norman's lawyer Jack Scarola told the court that his client would not sign off on the divorce until the formal terms of her settlement - which is estimated to be worth at least $A100 million - were authorized by Mr Norman, who filed for divorce in July.

"We resisted his request for the order to dissolve the marriage," Mr Scarola told The Daily Telegraph Online yesterday.

"Greg is obviously very anxious to have a divorce decree enforced by the court but we do not want that until the terms have been settled.

"There has been a detailed outline of the settlement that has been signed by both parties but it is necessary that these terms be converted into a more formal agreement."

Tango’s Take The Shark is ready to go back in the water before he’s even out of it. Divorces sure take a long time and are messy for rich-folk. Since his separation and divorce proceedings began, Greg Norman has paired up with tennis great Chris Evert. If his divorce is anything like his golf rep, Norman will have a commanding lead going into the last day and somehow blow it. We’re thinking the equivalent of triple bogeying the last hole would be to scream out during the closing arguments, “I cheated on her all the time, forged her signature on checks and occasionally tinkled in her shampoo. Woooo that feels good to get off me chest.” Other than her tennis greatness, we can only remember one other great thing about Chris Evert. After she retired she hosted Saturday Night Live. The best sketch was about her retirement. She was enjoying a scenic day in the mountains and her rival Martina Navratilova shows up and tries to outdo her on retirement. Baking better cakes, climbing through the mountain and generally besting her rival in all facets of post-career life. We’re willing to bet that Navratilova is not going to try and steal Greg Norman away from her.