Socialite Mellon Cleared Over Divorce ‘Plot’

Socialite Mellon Cleared Over Divorce ‘Plot’

From Life Style Extra

Oil billionaire and socialite Matthew Mellon was today cleared of plotting with private detectives to hack into his fashion boss wife's computer during their bitter divorce battle.

Mellon, the heir of one of America's wealthiest dynasties, was accused of using computer software to get access to confidential emails written on his glamorous wife Tamara's computer during their acrimonious divorce.

The couple's high society wedding had been splashed all over the pages of American Vogue but had ended in divorce.

But during the trial Mrs Mellon, the ex-boss of Jimmy Choo shoes, told the court her former husband, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, was incapable of the most basic tasks.

She said: "A day doesn't go by when Matthew doesn't lose his keys, his mobile phone or his wallet.
Tango’s Take Bi-polar and incapable? Bi-polar and incapable as a fox! All of those traits are quite intentional. Why would he want to balance a checkbook and keep track of his keys if he knew someone would do it for him? He’s been pampered his whole life and probably has a keen eye for people that will play along. And look at the laundry list of people indicted and prosecuted in this caper. Mr. Mellon may never have gotten dirt under his fingernails but he clearly knows how to work the system around him. And an acquittal means that he… is… bulletproof. This does bring up an interesting topic: the mothering of grown men. Check out Tango’s J Courtney Sullivan’s take on this topic.

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