Baghdad Dating Game Adapts To War

Baghdad Dating Game Adapts To War


From The Associated Press By Hamza Hendawi
BAGHDAD — Wherefore art thou, Kareem?

Well, he could be making the daily cell phone call to his girlfriend, Dalia. Or maybe he's off somewhere typing her a tender text message or e-mail.

Basically he's anywhere but on an actual date with the woman he says he loves.

Romance always has been one of the expected casualties of war. So in Baghdad — with no end to the violence in sight — the dating game has been forced to adapt.

Sweet nothings are whispered into cell phones. Inboxes are full of flirtations. Even old-style matchmaking is getting back in vogue.

The high risks of going out far outweigh the pleasures of courtship.

"The worst was when we were talking in a cafe one time and we heard a nearby explosion and gunfire," recalled Kareem Abdul-Aziz about one outing with 24-year-old Dalia. "We weren't sure if the streets would be safe enough for us to go home."

Tango’s Take This is third mention the Dish has made of love in Iraq (see Dishes from June 25 and March 13 for the others). Fornicating and procreating are ingrained in all of us to the point that we will do dangerous things to get access to them (hence professional sports like boxing and football and bull riding and Ultimate Fighting). Sometimes those things include scaling castles to rescue fair maidens and other times it includes walking through Baghdad. This is a running theme it the Dish but it’s really tough to make jokes about Iraq. This war would probably been a great time to invest in cyber cams and paid internet sex-chat sites in Iraq. But that seems like war-mongering and/ or profiteering and Tango wants no part of either.

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