Prince William And Kate Middleton Reunite

Prince William And Kate Middleton Reunite


The gossip rags are reporting that Kate Middleton and Prince William are back together. As evidence, they mention a party of his that she attended and that she was invited a memorial for Princess Diana. Are they ‘just friends’? Is he feeling long in the tooth because he just went through his quarter life crisis? We’re not sure, but we have a feeling this was preordained.

Reunited, double LP, we're all excited
Struck a match to the underground, industry ignited

That is from the song ‘Reunited’ on the Wu Tang Clan’s sophomore album Wu Tang Forever. On that album there were 9 members of the Clan (RZA, GZA, Old Dirty Bastard (ODB), Inspectah Deck, Method Man, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Rae Kwon and Masta Killah). This is the 10th year that Forever has been out. And ODB has since perished (pour out a little St. Ides when you get a minute). So 8 members plus William and Kate equals ten (like the years). That makes these lyrics particularly poignant.

We’ll translate:
Reunited: easy, Kate and Wills are back.
Double LP: They are double Life Partners. Soul mates and best friends.
We’re all excited: Who isn’t?
Struck a match to the underground: They were trying to keep their reconciliation on the down low (DL).
Industry ignited: The gossip industry was not going to let them off so easy. The whole biz is abuzz with buzz.

So, if you think about it, the whole thing was a forgone conclusion.