Iraqi Radio Show Dishes On Love And Everything Hold The Politics

Iraqi Radio Show Dishes On Love And Everything Hold The Politics


And we're BACK! 

I’m on a Baghdadi whoa whoa radio.

USA Today has reported on a popular Baghdad radio show called Hello, Waleed. The show’s host, Waleed Mun’em, talks about love, the arts and everything in between. Everything that is except politics. Politics are such a poisonous topic in Baghdad that he figures he’ll leave that can of worms to Parliament and clerics. And, when you think about it, no political opinion is really safe.

But just because he skirt political topics, Waleed is no pushover. He gives straight answers to questions about subjects from fidelity to children. He feels that he sides with the ladies more often than the guys, which may be a good strategy. He’s fielded 9 marriage proposals from female fans. Some of them even offering to pay for it. Which is exactly the problem in his estimating, saying that marriage takes the love out of relationships.

Even though he has a self-described face for radio. His program has become televised. So ‘they’ can keep their bombs and bullets of statecraft and he’ll the slings and arrows of love.

Note: It’s still tough to make jokes about Iraq. We were going to include something about a jaded advice recipient issuing a Fatwah, but decided to leave jokes like that to Bill Mahr.