Bringing Old Sexy Back, Jessica Biel On Tour With Justin Timberlake

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Bringing Old Sexy Back, Jessica Biel Back On Tour With Justin Timberlake

  From The Bosh

Things are going strong for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The 25-year-old actress is accompanying 26-year-old Timberlake on part of his European tour. The couple have spent the past few days together in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

On Sunday Jessica flew into Amsterdam where she stayed with Justin at a five-star hotel called The Dylan. The next day the pair arrived in Stockholm. Together with 13 other guests, Biel and Timberlake dined Beirut Café. The restaurant’s owner told People magazine, "They seemed like an ordinary couple in love. They were very sweet."

Tango’s Take A) This story is a touch dated but we love JT. B) We’re pretty sure that we heard Jessica Biel got the heave-ho from the tour last week. Was Justin just being just? Did he require all of the dudes on tour to ‘keep their hos on a leash’ or send them home? How was she invited back? C) Has anyone seen the fashion (and we use the word lightly) shoot with Jessica Biel in GQ? Wow and wow. And wow. Granted, he’s seen her in less but probably not with the expert lighting and posing. D) They went to a Lebanese restaurant and shared a hookah. They claimed to have used one before but had a hard time getting this one cranked up. Does anyone else find it a little dubious that these guys would be enjoying a tobacco hookah whilst in Amsterdam? Why we’re they checking out the famous Dutch windmills or wooden shoes? There has to be more to do in Amsterdam than three-hour dinners and smoking tobacco out of a bong.

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