Hormones For Menopause May Aid Heart

Hormones For Menopause May Aid Heart

From CBS News

Study Finds Less Artery Hardening In Women Who Start Pills At Beginning Of Menopause

(CBS/AP) Five years after a landmark study scared millions of women off hormones for menopause symptoms, new research suggests the pills may offer some heart benefits for certain younger women who start taking them in their 50s.

Women who took estrogen suffered less hardening of the arteries than those who took dummy pills, researchers reported in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine.

It was the latest study in recent months to suggest that women who take hormones at the start of menopause seem to gain some health benefits beyond relief from hot flashes. That is in sharp contrast to women who raise their health risks when they take hormones in their 60s and 70s.

These reports are a little tricky. The value of chronological age is on the wane. Some women in their 50’s likely have similar biological ages of women in their 60’s and you could say the opposite is true, if you were so inclined. It’s a little irksome how little we know about the human body. A ‘definitive’ study a few years ago scared women off of the hormones. Now they’re saying hormones are OK, but be sure that you’re young enough for them. It’s OK if you’re slightly post-menopausal but not fully. At any rate, younger women are at less of a risk for heart problems when on estrogen but are still at an elevated risk for stroke and blood clots. As always, act a doctor. Because they know everything and have torrid love affairs in their hospitals, according to television.

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