The O.C.'s Kelly Rowan Engaged to Billionaire

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The O.C.'s Kelly Rowan Engaged to Billionaire


Kelly Rowan, who played resident party planner and family matriarch Kirsten "Kiki" Cohen on The O.C., is engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson, Rowan's rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

The couple, who plan to marry before the end of the year, have been dating since last year after meeting in Toronto while she was working.

"Their family and friends couldn't be happier for them," says a source close to the couple, adding, "She's really happy."
Tango’s Take “This is one rich, single man you’re not getting away from me, Julie Cooper! You’ve had your fun husband and your rich husband (my father, you whore) and your teenage boyfriend and all of your other dalliances, but I am sick and tired of standing by and watching Sandy Cohen do good deeds and not rake in the big bucks that he could. And he’s always taking the moral high road. And don’t even get me started on my dingus son, Seth. What a dink that kid is. I’ve been the perfect wife and mother for too long. It’s Kiki’s time to shine. Hello Cannucks, you may now welcome you queen!”

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