Diamond Lobby Website Says to Insure Your Engagement Ring, Numbnuts!

Diamond Lobby Website Says to Insure Your Engagement Ring, Numbnuts!

Oh my God! Let's call Lloyd's of London!!

From DiamondVues.com

Not Insuring Your Diamond Engagement Ring Is A Stupid and Dumb Mistake!

There, did I get your attention now?

It amazes me that people do not purchase insurance on their engagement rings right after they buy them.

Insurance for your loose diamond, or diamond engagement ring, should be part of your budget for the ring in the first place; that is how important it is.

You wouldn't think twice about driving your car without insurance, right?

Well, some of you will say, driving a car without insurance can get you into hot water, whereas wearing a diamond ring without insurance won't...right?

Wrong, bonehead!!

I'm not talking about getting pulled over by a cop...I'm talking about protecting your investment!!

In many cases, your car doesn't even cost as much as your diamond engagement ring and is not nearly as easy to lose, or have stolen from you!

Your engagement ring is not only sentimental, it is also quite valuable.

Tango’s Take We weren’t sure who is bucking harder for insurance, the diamond industry or the insurance industry. You would think that the diamond industry wouldn’t mind a few diamonds getting stolen here and there. Those diamonds stay in circulation through pawnshops and the victim of the crime has to go out and buy a new ring. The insurance company has something to gain. They’re not in the business of losing money on claims; chances are that you’ll end up just paying for the privilege of their safety net. Also, they surely have some arcane rules about when they won’t pay. For instance: If you lose a finger when you lose the ring they won’t pay for the replacement ring unless your finger can be reattached because you don’t need a ring unless you have a ring finger. Also, if you lose the ring in a conflict-diamond country you’re out of luck. We’re not terribly familiar with DiamondVues, but it appears to be a mouthpiece for the gem and jewelry industry. Our advice to them is that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Stop yelling at us.

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