Robot Emcees South Korean Wedding

Robot Emcees South Korean Wedding

Kamsahamnida (thank you, in Korean), Mr. Roboto

From RealTechNews By Michael Santo

Asian countries are certainly ahead of us with their use of and research in robots. Examples would be Kansei, CB2, and RI-MAN. Now the manufacturer of Tiro says that he’s become the first robot to emcee a wedding.

Tiro the robot assisted at the wedding of Seok Gyeong-Jae, one of the engineers who designed it, and his bride at Daejeon, 130 kilometres (78 miles) south of Seoul.

Tango’s Take Nerds rejoice! They’ve found a way to make a robot that can preside over a wedding. Guess what’s next? That’s right, robotic wife. She’ll have the body of Barbarella, the face of Princess Leia, the spunk of Lois Lane, the compassion of the Oracle and the libido of a drunken orc. That will indeed be a good day, my friend. We’re screwed if R2D2 over here hacks into her programming during the ceremony and has her tear us limb from limb (just as the prophesy foretold). This news comes in the wake of some bizarre weddings we’ve seen during the feel good portion of the local news. Wookies and Storm Troopers and Captain Kirks abounding. Either weddings are becoming less of a big deal or people are learning to relax a little.

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