Celebrity Baby Bonanza

Celebrity Baby Bonanza

Felicity for Keri Russell. According to In Touch she gave birth to her (and husband Shane Deary’s) first child on June 9. They’re calling the little man River Russell Deary. The pair was married on Valentine’s Day after dating for a few years. The ’07 is a big year for K-Russ. In addition to the well-regarded indie flick Waitress, she is also in two studio films due in the fall, August Rush and Girl in the Park.  We haven’t seen much of her lately, with the exception of a small (but important) role in third installment of the Mission Impossible series. We hope she keeps up the pace. She’s a ray of sunshine and reminds us of a young Cameron Diaz, you know before she got all jealous of JT.

Speaking of stars married to cool regular dudes having babies; Julia Roberts gave birth to her third child, Henry Daniel Moder, on June 18th. She and husband Danny Moder have two-year-old twins also. Maybe this is why she couldn’t make it on board for Oceans 13. Either that or she wanted too much money. Or maybe her character was bland and no longer drove the story forward. Either of the three are pretty good reasons not to be on-board.

In other baby news, evidently Kevin James had another kid. More accurately, his wife Steffiana De La Cruz had another kid. This is their second and judging by the photo of Steffiana we are a little less skeptical of certain Kevin James plot features. It seems like his characters are always getting women waaaay out of their league (please see King of Queens and Hitch for reference). We wouldn’t be surprised if he wound up with Jessica Biel in forthcoming film I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry with Adam Sandler.

Sunday’s poor finish at the US Open at Oakmont is starting to make sense. Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren had their first child (Sam Alexis) Monday. We wonder if Tiger will lose any of his steely poise now that he has a little girl. We hope for her sake that Tiger doesn’t intend on molding her into the greatest golfer of all time like he was. Of these four kids mentioned, our money is on the Woods child for having the most unusual life. Any time one of your parents is the greatest person ever at a certain thing, it is tough to lead a normal life, though Michael Jordan’s kids seem well adjusted.

We just wonder what was happening in the middle of September of 2006 that could have led to this baby break-through. It was too late for the 2006 Emmy Awards. Hmm. Maybe there was a crazy party that we civilians didn’t even hear about. How often would you see an article with Tiger, Julia Roberts, Kevin James and Keri Russell in which Keri Russell leads? Maybe we love Felicity, maybe she was the first to give birth or maybe she was the first article that we found…you’ll never know.