Finding Infidelity Online Is Pretty Easy

Finding Infidelity Online Is Pretty Easy

I think. I saw. My wife.

From The Chicago Sun Times By Laura Berman

Regular readers may remember a survey conducted by the Sun-Times last year in which nearly one-third of Chicagoans confessed to cheating on their current partner. And while infidelity is certainly not a new concept in relationships, some online dating Web sites are now actually catering to cheaters to make infidelity more accessible and more acceptable; a sort of!

According to its Web site, the Ashley Madison Agency is "the world's largest online social networking community [for] people who are already in relationships but still want to date." The Web site also professes to be a cure for "When Monogamy becomes Monotony." Currently, there are thousands of married members seeking a romantic tryst or sexual escapade. At 10 a.m. on a weekday, many of them are already logged in and searching for their dream partner (or partners).

Tango’s Take This is chapter one from the book of It Takes All Kinds. We ran an article in our Summer 2006 issue about open marriages. While our article talks about beating the monogamy blues openly, this looks to be slightly more underhanded. Who doesn’t like the thrill of doing something illicit? Who doesn’t like the idea of someone finding them sexy? Who doesn’t like the idea of making a cuckold of their husband? As mobile telephony becomes more prominent in the online dating (doing it) game, we expect this to get quite niche. Image a service that sends out a sexy, local-area SMS on command. Maybe this service could be called, ‘’.
Somehow this makes swinging sites look more stable and romantic. Fun.
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