Rights Over Frozen Embryos At The Heart Of Texas Divorce Case

Rights Over Frozen Embryos At The Heart Of Texas Divorce Case

From UPI

AUSTIN, Texas - A divorce case soon to be heard by the Texas Supreme Court will focus on the future of three frozen embryos the couple helped create years ago.

While Augusta and Randy Roman initially agreed to create the embryos in their efforts to become parents years ago, Randy's sudden change of mind led to a legal fight regarding the embryos' use, the Los Angeles Times said Sunday.

Randy, who opposes the procedure based on moral grounds, wants the embryos that are still viable to be destroyed or simply remain frozen.

Augusta previously won a county case that would allow her to use the embryos, but Randy opposed the court's decision and was rewarded with a Texas Court of Appeals ruling blocking the medical procedure.

Augusta then took that decision to the state's Supreme Court as part of the 46-year-old's attempt to become a mother.

Tango’s Take This is going to get messy. Augusta Roman won the initial rights to the embryos but Randy Roman appealed. This case could conceivably (buh dum pah) go to the US Supreme Court. If our knowledge of human biology serves us, and it typically does, those embryos are half Randy and half Augusta. Is it reasonable for her to use his sperm without his expressed permission? This case has oodles of Roe V. Wade implications. This may seem like an open-and-shut case but a few things nag us about it. How would people feel if Randy wanted to use those embryos to impregnate his next girlfriend (or wife)? Or even sell them? The ‘fair’ thing to do would be to allot each party half of the embryos, right? Reproductive issues can’t be solved with King Solomon’s justice. At any rate, with a name like Randy Roman, you would think that he’d be up for having an orgy with his ex-wife right there in the courtroom, legal procedure be damned.

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