Hasselhoff Wins Custody

Hasselhoff Wins Custody

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David Hasselhoff has been granted primary custody of his two daughters.

Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas awarded the former 'Baywatch' actor sole physical custody of his children, Taylor-Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14, on Friday (15.07.06).

Hasselhoff left the courthouse smiling, saying it was "a beautiful day to go to the beach".

He added: "The judge said today, 'Enough - enough is enough, these children have been through enough."

The 54-year-old star's ex-wife Pamela Bach has been told she can visit her daughters on alternate weekends and on Wednesday nights for dinner.

Hasselhoff's attorney Melvin S. Goldsman said: "If, down the road, the kids are comfortable seeing her more, Mr. Hasselhoff has said he will let his children see their mother as often as they want to."
Tango’s Take This is a little like someone getting roughed up for talkin’ trash about Texas after he’s been warned ‘Don’t Mess With Texas.’ The lesson here is ‘Don’t Hassle The Hoff.’ Is the Hoff just toying with us now? Did he release that tape of him off his ass on brandy in Las Vegas just to up the degree of difficulty? The man is a legend among dudes for his turn as Knight Rider, is an international TV star for Bay Watch and Germans love him for his irresistible pop charmisma. Is there anything he can’t do? Did the judge start the custody proceedings by saying, “It’s not going to change my ability to reach a rational and fair verdict, but I just want to say, Mr. Hasselhoff, I’m a huge fan. That TV show where you judge all the freaks with weird abilities is the Casablanca of unscripted television. I am in awe of you, sir.” Is this just another instance of stars getting preferential treatment by the law? Is there a tape of his ex-wife shooting smack with Scott Weiland, trying to decode old Black Sabbath albums by listening to them backwards? Or do the kids just want to hang out with Dad because that’s ‘where the action is’?

More Celebrity Relationship News: The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that Eva Longoria’s friends don’t like fiancé (and NBA finals MVP) Tony Parker because he orders for her at restaurants and is ungracious and rude to waiters. Clearly they have not met very many French people.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster got hitched over the weekend. We’ve got a good feeling about this one. They’ve already had a kid together. Best of luck, we think you’re sexy.

And Kristy Swanson (the star of the film Buffy The Vampire Slayer) has filed assault charges on the ex-wife of her boyfriend (and Skating with Celebrities partner) Lloyd Eisler. This comes after Swanson was released from jail on charges of assaulting the ex-wife, Marcia O’Brien. We have just two observations about this: A) This whole sordid affair took place in Canada, does that mean that Swanson’s bail was incredibly affordable? And B) what is it about ice-skating that gets people so fired up? Hockey players are always brawling and let us not forget the Tanya Harding incident. Hopefully, someone was screaming “why me” after these fisticuffs took place. In all fairness to Swanson, if there was alcohol involved, it’s not fair to her. That Canadian beer is like moonshine.

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