Conquer His-And-Hers Bathroom Clutter

Conquer His-And-Hers Bathroom Clutter

Clear out bathroom clutter with couple-friendly products.

Face Time Think he doesn’t notice those crow’s-feet sidling up to his baby browns? It shouldn’t be hard to hook him on Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. ($30 at Sephora.) It rejuvenates, fights breakouts, and has a zesty, peachy-clean scent. While you’re at it, introduce your superhero to acne-fighter Holy Zit ($22 at—it dries up spots in no time.

Sun Sense Men are notoriously lax about sunscreen, and by the time they reach 50, they’re twice as likely as women to develop skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. A lightweight daily moisturizer that offers easily absorbed, non-greasy UVA/UVB protection, such as Exuviance Ultra Light Daily Sunscreen SPF 29 ($27.50 at Nordstrom) is an easy, smart safeguard for you both.

Hold It Guys tend to cling to the hair gel they used in high school, which is often sticky, stiff, and flaky. Mario Russo Double-Strength Gel ($24.50 at Henri Bendel or is a great compromise: styling hold for him, shine and softness for you.

Heads Up Does your man use shampoo as a one-stop cleanser, too? (Maybe it’s all the body hair.) Mine nonchalantly soaps from head to toe with my $40 prestige salon color-saving hair wash and then calls out, “Honey, we’re out of that yellow shampoo!” Switch to salon-quality product at drugstore prices, like Cristophe Beverly Hills Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner ($6.99 at CVS stores and from Cristophe, stylist to stars like Liv Tyler and Mariah Carey. Less fussy types can throw in the washcloth and buy a big bottle of a multi-purpose, gentle cleanser such as C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries’ Peach Nut Oil “18-in-1 Uses” Liquid Soap. ($20 at and select Bath & Body Works stores.) An “everyday, do-it-all” product chock-full of fruit extracts, it’s been working equal wonders on face, body, and hair since 1905.

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Shave Space Essencia’s silky Lavender Mint Shaving Syrup ($19 at and specialty beauty stores and spas) provides a sensual shave on legs, face, and any other part that must be de-fuzzed. This rich syrup contains coconut oil and vegetable glycerin to soften up tough hair follicles, while a blend of lavender and spearmint essential oils reduces razor burn, cools newly exposed skin, and smells smashing on you both. Even in soapy hands, the slim plastic bottle makes for safe passage from sink to shower.
Slough Love We all know guys quietly crave pampering. Keep Bliss Hot Salt Scrub ($36 at on hand to give him incentive to indulge. Spiked with bracing eucalyptus and rosemary oils, it warms up when you start to rub—perfect for when you’re sharing the shower itself.