UK Strikes Down Over-The-Phone Nuptial

UK Strikes Down Over-The-Phone Nuptial

Arranged Bangladeshi phone wedding declared illegal.

A Bangladeshi immigrant to the United Kingdom was recently wed over the telephone to a woman arranged by his parents back in Bangladesh. Cause for rejoice, eh? There are a couple of snags though. Snag 1: the man has autism and is highly open to by suggestion. Snag 2: he was in England when this call took place. Snag 3: the man has been in receiving care from the state since he was 4.

On a number of occasions, England has ceded ground to the laws of other countries in relation to marriage. But this case is different in that they refuse to acknowledge his ability to consent to marriage or sexual activity (saying that it would be rape under the Sexual Offenses Act). However, according to Sharia (Islamic law) the wedding is legit and actually took place in Bangladesh. We’ve heard of guys phoning it in before, but this is…

Obviously England recognizes the marriages of its immigrants but when do local laws trump customs? At some point, text message marriage and divorces are going to be allowed in Islamic Law. But we’re guessing that most Western governments won’t be down with that. And what about under-age marriages? And long distance, international phone calls marriage? We suppose that foreign, double proxy weddings are out the question.

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