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An Enchanting Soundtrack

The best housecleaning music we've ever heard.

For $12.99 I have found a product that makes me want to sing the glories of love out loud—and clean my apartment like a fiend. (And, no, my 2008 resolution wasn't to act battier than both Spears' sisters combined.) I just happened to discover the soundtrack to the new Disney movie, Enchanted, which turns out to be the best damn housecleaning music I've ever heard. Of course my idea isn't original: During the film, Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) tidies the apartment of her "One True Love" while warbling these tunes with unabashed glee. And though my trilling didn't succeed in summoning a flock of helpful pigeons to my side to help, while listening to this, I did find myself singing loud and proud, while washing my floor with more gusto than ever before. Available at

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