12 Women Share The Brutally Honest Reasons They're Still Single

Time to get real with ourselves.

Regardless if we want to admit it or not, us single ladies probably have a good idea of why we’re still rocking (and yes, sometimes loathing) our single status. Take it from one of these eleven gals who share the super-honest, raw reasons they haven’t found love — yet!.

1. "Online dating sucks."

“I live in a busy city and it’s so easy to get on Tinder or Hinge — but I really hate it. I get bored really easily, have a hard time being interested in conversation, and I'm less interest in actually meeting a  stranger when I could be meeting my friends instead.” Valerie, 23, Chicago

2. "I refuse to settle."

“I won’t allow myself to settle for someone who makes fun of me for my beliefs. It’s hard to find someone who has the same religious ideals that I do and can connect on that.” —Cara, 24, North Carolina

3. "I'm not in the mood to share my life with someone right now."

“I’m totally happy being single and not in the mood to share my life with someone right now. And yet I’m dating because I don’t want to wake up in five years and be mad at myself for not looking for a partner.” —Eve, 29, Los Angeles

4. "I don't put in any effort."

“If I’m being real here, I don’t put in any effort. Like, at all.” —Carrie, 28, South Carolina

5. "I'm not who I need to be to start a healthy relationship."

“I’m not fully who I need to be in order to start and maintain the healthiest relationship. I’m working on me first and then opening myself up to the possibility of love.” —Alex, 26, Virginia

6. "I'm super-picky."

“There’s a few reasons: I’m picky and I’ve yet to be impressed with a man I’ve dated! I’m also still working on myself and on some past feelings and anger that I harbor. But most of all, it’s more like the men I’m interested in are never interested in me or vice-versa. I guess that’s why they call it a match!” Leigh, 28, Seattle

7. "I'm stuck in my routine."

“I'm stuck in my routine and I don’t go out of my way to meet people. Plus, Los Angeles’ dating scene sucks. It’s all clubs and clothes and that’s totally not me.” —Karla, 27, Los Angeles

8. "I know exactly what I want ... which is hard to find."

“I've had awesome previous relationships that ended pretty amicably so I know exactly what I want and I don’t want to settle for less. Especially now that I’m at the point in my life that I’m not going to commit to a relationship unless I see that partner as a potential husband.” —Maggie, 26, Texas

9. "I hate everyone."

“I like to blame my job ... but mostly I’m cranky, and I kind of hate everyone.” —Nicole, 29, Washington, D.C.

10. "I'm emotionally unavailable."

“I used to blame it on emotional wounds from relationships that ended badly but now I know that who I choose as a partner is a reflection on myself. I have a habit of choosing emotionally unavailable men because I'm emotionally unavailable. I have to figure out why and break those barriers before I can truly be happy in a relationship.” Robin, 27, Maine

11. "My career choice is intimidating."

“My career choice [in law enforcement] is either intimidating or too esoteric. They either feel inferior or don't connect because law enforcement is a culture, not just a job. I get along best with other law enforcement individuals which drastically cuts my options/connections. Also, I’ve been told that I exude an independent energy and give the impression that I am complicated or hard to satisfy.” Michelle, 27, Tennessee

12. "I'm flaky."

“I flake on dates way too often! I get nervous to put myself out there so I cancel. Netflix and PJ’s, anyone?” —Allison, 25, Portland