12 Reasons Why We’re Loving Hilary Duff In 2014

We're not afraid to admit we love this stunning mama!


Hilary Duff has been tackling a lot lately. From her sudden separation from her husband Mike Comrie of three years, to raising their three year old son, and working on making her music and television comeback, it’s surprising that she hasn’t had a meltdown — Actually, from the looks of her brand new TV series Younger, she's far from it! She also just premiered her new single "Chasing the Sun" (with her album set to be released in Fall 2014) and we couldn't be more stoked. Despite all the changes Hilary has gone through this year, she’s been dealing with it all remarkably well.  Her incredible poise to her down to earth nature only make us love her even more. Check out some other reasons why Hilary Duff will always be our favorite girl crush.

) Amidst the breakup with her hubby Mike Comrie, Hilary responded to the media very maturely. No foul words towards the breakup or her separated hubby. In fact, she even wished him a Happy Father’s Day and the three of them spent the day together.
No matter what their relationship status might be, they've managed to stay on good terms In spite of any differences they may have had relationship-wise, we just love that they still spend time together as a family with their son Luca.
) She spends lots of quality time with her son.
It's obvious that she loves being a mother Her son is the light of her life and she reminds us of that by gushing about him over Instagram.
) She’s supportive of her sister Haylie. Whether she’s co-starring on her cooking show or congratulating Haylie on her new engagement, Hilary is a big advocate of sisterly love!
) Her television comeback on the new original TV Land series Younger seems extremely promising.
<a href="http://hilaryxduff.tumblr.com/post/88383367544/hilary-duff-as-kelsey-in-younger-x" target="_blank">http://hilaryxduff.tumblr.com/</a>
) She’s hard at work on her new album. She shares exclusive deets with her fans every now and then that hint at the amazing album that’s to come. One big hint? She was in the studio with the brilliant Ed Sheeran!
) She’s bold with her look. Whether it’s chopping her locks or rocking a statement lipstick, Hilary Duff has the beauty and confidence to pull it all off!
She may not have woken up like this but she sure is rocking it
) Her Instagram is full of positive vibes.
) She reminds us about the importance of maintaining friendships.
) She isn’t ashamed of catching zzz’s early on the weekends.
) She enjoys the little things in life like the beauty of nature and appreciating a lazy day to catch up on a favorite tv series.
) She was featured in "March For Babies" campaign and attended the walk in Los Angeles this past April.
) She's comfortable in the skin she's in! She often sports the casual makeup free look and looks fab while doing it.