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woman moving out boxes after breakup
Love Life Makeover

Breakup Advice: How To Get Over Your Ex

If you want to bring new long lasting love into your life you have to make room for it. This means letting go of that relationship you know is not working. If you are fanning a dying flame by playing that special music, ogling online, and revisiting the fantasy just because it's BTN (better than nothing), you are robbing yourself of a new, exciting opportunity.

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Love Life Makeover

Is Your Social Life Hurting Your Love Life?

It's natural—when seeking out a healthy love relationship—to want to change yourself for the better. You think that a new haircut will make him fall in love again... a pretty dress will turn heads... an extreme diet and exercise regimen will make you worth loving. And these things can put an extra bounce in your step. But the best way to attract love into your life is to live your best life, a life in which romantic love is just the cherry on top. Has your social life—or lack thereof—been holding you back from love... and from overall happiness? We asked three experts for tips on how you can evaluate your social habits, and change them for the better.

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Love Life Makeover

How To Ditch Negative Thoughts About Love

Positive thinking isn't something we're born knowing how to do. As we grow into adults, we often learn to expect negative outcomes as a means of protection. As Alisa Bowman, YourTango Expert & author of Project: Happily Ever After, says below: both negative and positive thinking are self-fulfilling prophecies. In relationships, it's easy to fall into a routine of negative expectations, but if it's a positive outcome we're after, it's time to ditch the negative and start practicing positive thinking.

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Love Life Makeover

9 Steps To Setting And Reaching Relationship Goals

One powerful to make sure that you're doing all that you can to attract the love life you truly desire is to take an honest look at your relationship values to make sure that they are moving you toward what you want and away from what you don't want? YourTango Experts have outlined a list of ways to help you set and, importantly, reach your love life goals. Don't wait, get going living your best love life now!

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Love Life Makeover

Want A Happier Love Life? Find A Role Model

There is no "right" way to find or maintain a relationship, but like anything we do in life, it helps to have teachers and role models helping us along the way. When it comes to romantic love, identifying and learning from a role model—from someone who loves how you want to love—can be extremely helpful. But how to find and learn from a relationship role model? That's what YourTango Experts are here for; read on as they tell us how to choose a role model and how to apply his or her precious wisdom to your own romantic life.

love life makeover by valentine's day
Love Life Makeover

Transform Your Love Life By Valentine's Day

Take a moment and reflect on your love life. Are you satisfied? Are there aspects of it you'd like to improve? What's holding you back? The answers to these question can be complicated and, often, downright frightening. With this in mind we created the first ever 31-Day Love Life Makeover Challenge on YourTango. From today until February 14 (aka Valentine's Day, aka the day lovers hate or adore), our network of relationship professionals, The YourTango Experts, are dedicated to nothing but helping you live your best love life.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Divorce Or Separation? Lessons From The Cox-Arquette Split

The news that Courteney Cox and David Arquette were separating after 11 years of marriage sent ripples of distress throughout America's tabloid-reading community and beyond. "Really?" thought many, surprised by their own personal sadness over public figures' private lives. For whatever reason, the dissolution of this marriage hit home for many Americans. Perhaps it's because—despite the celebrity characters—the story is infinitely relatable.

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Join YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge This October

We here at YourTango have gathered our very own relationship experts to launch the "31 Days to a Better Sex Life" challenge. Starting October 1, readers will have the opportunity to actively create more vivacious and healthier sex lives with the help of YourTango Experts, a consulting network of thousands of relationship professionals.