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turn-ons all couples should try
One totally hot turn-on? Blindfold him (he'll secretly love it).
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8 Sexpert-Approved Turn-Ons All Couples Should Try

How do you build the tension slowly and steadily so that when you do climb into bed, it will be all you can do to keep your hands off each other? We've got eight of the hottest turn-ons that any couple should try (at least once if not twice or three times).

feel young in bed
Does he still give you butterflies in your stomach?
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5 Ways To Feel 18 Again ... In Bed

Remember back when you were a teenager? You had a new crush every week, your hormones were raging and your mind was full of curiosity. You and your significant other can feel like horny, young teenagers all again. Our experts tell you how.

post traumatic stress disorder
One red flag: he's lost interest in things he once loved.
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5 Subtle Signs Your Spouse Has PTSD

Traumatic events like the Boston Marathon bombings often trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in people. If you suspect that your significant other is suffering from the mental disorder, here are the tell-tale signs to watch for.

It's not wrong if it feels right, because you're doing it with someone you love.
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How To Have An Affair ... In Your Relationship

There's a high that comes from having an affair — the thrill, the illicitness, the secret meetings all make for a hot indiscretion. And having that with someone you've been married to for years can be even better.

how to get the commitment you want
Who knows? It may be what he wants too!
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3 Steps To Get The Commitment You Want

A new study says that people are happier in their relationships when their partners show them more commitment ... but how do you know what kind of commitment you want? This step-by-step guide is the way to find out!

Are you afraid to jump back into the dating scene?

Newly Single? How To Make A Fresh Start

Are you newly single and desperate for a relationship? Are you afraid that this will cause you to make the same mistakes you made before? If so, help is on the way.