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mother holding baby
Are you suffering?

Do I Have Postpartum Depression?

Have you been feeling depressed and anxious since giving birth? If you love your child, but sometimes cry for no reason at all, you aren't alone ... and nothing is wrong with you whatsoever.

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Time's a-ticking!

I'm 38, Single & I Want Kids! What Should I Do?

If you've always wanted to have kids, getting older can be scary. Will you ever find a husband who will be a loving father to your children? The prospect of ending up childless feels more and more real every day. Fortunately, help is on the way.

I Wanted A Baby ... Until I Got Pregnant [VIDEO]
Do you suffer from pregnant anxiety?

I Wanted A Baby ... Until I Got Pregnant

I have tried for years to get pregnant and now that I finally am, I'm anxious. I know I want to be a mom but I feel like I'm losing some part of myself. I feel so ungrateful. What's wrong with me?

Why Your Diets Never Work & What To Do Differently [VIDEO]
Which would you choose?

Why Your Diets Never Work & What To Do Differently

Do you feel like every time you try to lose weight, you sabotage your own success? If so, you aren't alone. In this video, therapist and wellness coach Kris Henderson explains that sabotaging themselves "is a problem that many dieters have." So, what can you do to break the pattern? Kris suggests that the next time you're on a diet and you think to yourself "I can't do this," or, "I'll never succeed," change the script in your head.

Is It OK To Make A Man Wait For Sex? [VIDEO]
Tired of wondering whether he'll wait?

Sex Video: Is It OK To Make A Man Wait For Sex?

When you're dating someone new, there can be a lot of pressure to sleep together early on. But do all guys expect to have sex right away? And what if you want to wait until you're in an explicitly monogamous relationship before going all the way? Will he wait? In this video, dating coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Joe Amoia addresses these complicated questions in this instructional sex video.

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Is Postpartum Depression Ruining Your Marriage? [VIDEO]

Is Postpartum Depression Ruining Your Marriage?

In this video, hypnotherapist, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett answers the follwing viewer question: Yesterday, my husband told me to "snap out" of the bad mood I've been in since our son was born. That feels like the last straw for me. I want to end our marriage because he's so insensitive to my postpartum depression. Am I overreacting?

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Is your marriage driving you insane?

Marriage: My Husband Thinks I'm Crazy

Does your husband act strangely? When you call him out, what does he say? Does he accuse you of hearing things? Does he make you feel like you're losing your mind? If so, you're not alone.