19 and 'in love' but am i still with him for the right reasons?

19 and 'in love' but am i still with him for the right reasons?

Hi guys, Ok here it goes. Im 19 and have been with the same guy since i was 15. I do love him but i always have doubts in my mind. He treats me like a queen, he really is the loveliest guy. I get along with his family so well and both of our families get along well. Which is why im scared of the thought of breaking up with him because i will lose his family also. All my friends love him so its hard to talk about with them.

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Our relationship started at Pizza Hut, back in high school.

Foodies In Love: How We Went From Pizza To An Engagement Ring

I was 14 years old, and to be honest, back then I was more concerned with my grades at school and the newest Justin Timberlake CD than boys. He was in the same class as me and a typical awkward teen boy: shy, had braces, but cute in that dorky sort of way. Growing up in the same neighborhood, Alex and I used to walk the same route home from school every day. After he sheepishly asked me out one day, I reluctantly said okay.

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"Relationships and sex are huge life situations; I don't want to underprepare my kids."
Love Mom

Why I'm Shielding My Kids From 'Puppy Love'

When it comes to my children and preparing them for romance, I'm pretty conservative. Love, relationships and sex, are all huge life situations that can make or break times of your life and influence who you are and the path your life will take, and I don't want to underprepare my kids by treatly the subject lightly.

Drew Barrymore and first husband
That's 16-year-old Drew Barrymore with her first husband!

20 Famous Couples Who Got Engaged Too Young

When Miley Cyrus, 19, and Liam Hemsworth, 22, announced their engagement, some found the news shocking considering the Disney starlet is still a teen. Many celebs have gotten engaged and even tied the knot at very young ages (some even younger than Miley)! Some of the marriages worked out, but for most, wedded bliss became a wedded miss.

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Ask Him Out, And 4 More Experiences You Should Have In College

This is for the young ones, who are enrolling in school for the first time or for those who've been there and done that and want to reminisce for a bit. College is an exciting time. (And no I'm not being paid by any institution.) Many students around the country, will be on your own for the first time, you'll meet people who will either intrigue or disgust you—or a little bit of both—and you might even learn a few things along the way.

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3 Ways To Spot Your Future Ex-Husband

If you could instantly recognize that a guy is trouble, then you'd think the divorce rate would be a heck of a lot lower... right? Debra Weiner is the author of How to Recognize Your Future Ex-Husband, and shared a few of her insights on how to do just that in a recent Huffington Post article.

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Surprise! Most College Guys DO Want To Get Married

It seems like marriage would be the last thing on a college guy's mind, but apparently, it isn't. According to a new survey conducted by Her Campus Media, 77 percent of college guys want to get married by the time they turn 30. That means they have to meet the person they want to settle down with either while they're still in school or within a few years of graduating.

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Complete This Sentence: My First Love...

Almost everyone gets over their first love, but you never really forget that person. Whether it happened during your childhood, your teenage years or even when you were already an adult, you'll always hold a small candle for the person who first taught you vulnerability and desire.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Celebrity Love

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Heating Up Too Fast?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on a huge red-carpet tour as a couple, their latest stop at the ESPY Awards earlier this week. They've also been spotted on vacation in Hawaii, with arms wrapped around one another in the waves and on the beach. It's easy to forget the pair is just 17 years old and 18 years old respectively.

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Depressed? Your High School Boyfriend Could Be To Blame

For many young people, high school love is full of firsts. You can probably think of a few yourself--first relationship, first kiss, first heartbreak or even the first time. However, we're betting you would have never guessed this first would ever be added to the list. Researchers at the University of Maine performed a psychological study which brought to light a new first for kids in love, and it has nothing to do with magical moments. They found that early relationships can often reveal the first signs of depression.


The Only Exception

Dear Blog (and readers), September 6th,2010 Yesterday, i found a guy that i deeply care about and he feels the same about me. I've known him all but 4 years of my life. He's my best friend. And he called me Perfect. Something i've never been called before. So if my poetry gets lighter and heavier for no apparent reason, that is my reason. The reason it gets lighter 'cause he makes me feel special. The heavier part is because he lives in Indiana which is 2 hours away. I would drive to see him but im only 12 (going on 13 the 30th). So that would be impossible.At least im going up for the end of the month to see my family for my birthday. Hopefully he's allowed to come. Sincerly,Lilith (Lily)


Finding The One?

Note: As always, follow my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said... On a sweltering day in early August 1996, I lay curled up in my bed, my leg in a big metal frame with pins shooting every which way and trying to recover from the surgery I’d had a month earlier. Now, I’m not sure if I was still woozy and out of it from the anesthesia or just plain bored, but that afternoon, I proclaimed, in all seriousness mind you, to my trusty diary that (and I’m quoting word-for-hopeless-word here) “I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him.” The him I was referring to was obviously Crush Boy (see previous columns), but C’MON!! I HAD JUST TURNED 15. What in the heck was I thinking?. Back then, I wish I’d had a handy-dandy checklist like some of the detailed ones you find online these days to see if he is indeed The One.