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Your partner can be your best rival.
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Want To Get Healthy Fast? Compete With Your Partner!

My partner remains proud of the fact that his fastest 13.1 miles are faster than mine (so are his marathon times), chiding me while simultaneously expressing pride over my accomplishments. In front of friends and families, he is my biggest fan, boasting that I'm the "athlete in the family," but at home, when it's just the two of us, he drives me mad with his ceaseless competitive nature.

You can look like Queen Bey. Really.
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Get Beyoncé's Shoulders In 4 Easy Moves!

Everyone knows Beyoncé clocks in plenty of hours at the gym — not to mention all the bootylicious dancing she does on-stage — and adheres strictly to her vegan diet. But what we don't know is how we can score a body like hers!

5 Metabolism Boosting, Fat Burning Tips

5 Metabolism Boosting, Fat Burning Tips

People refer to their metabolism a lot when they talk about weight loss. It’s that elusive internal system that helps or hinders, depending on genetics. Or is it? There are a lot of misconceptions about it so let me clear a few up and show you how to give your metabolism a little boost. What is Metabolism? “Metabolism” refers to your bodies chemical reactions that are responsible for maintaining the living state of your cells and organisms. These reactions can either be anabolic or catabolic.

3 Ways To Get Your Belly Bikini Ready [EXPERT]
Summer is almost here!
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3 Ways To Get Your Belly Bikini Ready

Belly fat doesn't work well with your bikini and it isn't good for your health. Summer is coming fast and you want to look and feel your best. Who doesn't want to burn belly fat? It's not complicated if you follow a good workout routine and meal plan. Of course, this is easier said than done, right?

Rapid Fat Loss: Your Key To A Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod [EXPERT]
You better hurry ... it's almost swimsuit season!
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Rapid Fat Loss: Your Key To A Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod

You can build your summer body at a faster rate using a rapid fat loss program. Don't confuse rapid fat loss with a quick weight loss program or fad diet. Fat loss will leave you healthier. Quick weight loss through severe calorie restriction will be regained (when you begin to eat normally again). Since you are burning fat at a faster rate, your workouts will be tougher and you will need to comply with a healthy, managed meal plan.

Getting fit can help you break up with your ex for good.

The Post-Breakup Workout: 10 Exercises To Get Over An Ex [PHOTOS]

Eighty-five percent of readers in a recent YourTango survey said they struggle with breakups and could use a "breakover"—aka an internal and external makeover aimed at helping them move on. One of the best methods to a successful "breakover" is through exercise—in fact, survey respondents listed exercise as one of the top three methods for getting over a breakup.

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Get Sexy Summer Legs In Six Weeks

Shape has designed a quick and easy six-week workout plan to help you get strong, sexy legs you'll feel confident about on the beach—and your man will love. The fitness challenge is said to build muscle in your butt and thighs, while not ignoring your upper body.

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10 Tips For Losing Weight As A Couple

We've all been there. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy takes girl to dinner. Boy and girl enjoy a delicious courtship filled with weekend brunches, impressive candle-lit dinners and double spoons for dessert. We love this period don't we? Exploring fancy restaurants and putting on our chef's hat to prepare that impossible dinner that even Ina Garten would applaud.

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The Sexiest Celebrity Bodies In Hollywood

Summer has officially begun, which means only one thing to several women out there—bikini season. Shape is getting the season started off right by showing off the top 10 female celebs with the sexiest beach bodies. But don’t worry, it’s not only to make you incredibly jealous; the celebs spill their diet and exercise tips and even what foods they choose to splurge on.

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day

You see it all the time ... girl gets engaged, decides that she needs to get in shape STAT, and revamps her diet and fitness routine. Then, after many countless hours at the gym, eating like a bird for months and finally a beautiful wedding - poof! It's now six months later, and she's actually put on more weight than before she had got engaged. Well, we're here to make sure this does NOT happen to you. iMag went to Plus One Health Management's certified personal trainer Gloria Vitolo to get the dos and don'ts of becoming a buff bride even way after your wedding day.