Woody Allen & Dylan Farrow
Dylan Farrow wrote a damning essay alleging Allen molested her when she was a child.
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Did Woody Allen Really Molest Dylan Farrow?

After Dylan Farrow wrote a harrowing missive in 'The New York Times' accusing Woody Allen of child molestation, the world went into an uproar. Did he or didn't he? Our expert weighs in on the facts here.

Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love."
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg in Woody Allen's new film "To Rome With Love."
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24 Wittiest Love Quotes From Woody Allen Movies

On Friday Woody Allen's film "To Rome With Love" came out in theaters, the latest of the famous director, writer, and actor's many flicks about love — both lost and found.

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in "Midnight in Paris."
Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in "Midnight in Paris."
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Oscars 2012: 5 Love Lessons From 'Midnight In Paris'

We are super-excited about the Oscars, which are this Sunday, but it turns out that out of all nine Best Picture nominees, most of us have only seen "Midnight in Paris" and maybe one other movie. Oops. It makes sense that the YourTango staff has a penchant for romantic movies, but does "Midnight in Paris," Woody Allen's latest, stand a chance at winning Best Picture?

mom and stepson relationship

Pretty Good Mom Dates, Dumps Stepson

An English woman decided that since she had the old bull, she just had to try the young calf. A man in the UK was dumped by his wife in favor of his son who was, in turn, dumped for his best friends. You'd guess the captain of the swim team would be next somewhere. But where does this tawdry tale of taboo and infidelity rank on the Woody Allen meter?

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
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7 Celebrity May-December Couples

In Hollywood, age differences of 15 years or more are as common as Botox and palm trees, as celebrities seem to think nothing of dating someone significantly older or younger than them. And although one of Hollywood’s longest-running age gap couples, Barbara Hershey, 62, and Naveen Andrews, 41, recently called it quits after 11 years together, below are nine other May-December relationships that are still going strong.

Woody Allen
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Oh The Irony: Woody Allen Supports Roman Polanski

Have you heard this one yet? Woody Allen thinks Roman Polanski should be left alone for the decades-old sex crime that currently has him under house arrest in Gstaad, Switzerland. According to Allen, Polanski "was embarrassed by the whole thing," "has suffered," and is "an artist and is a nice person" who "did something wrong and he paid for it." So there you go. Of course the irony and the humor in this statement is that it is completely what you would expect to come out of his mouth given Allen's own career-tainting sex scandal. You know, the whole affair and eventual marriage to his adopted daughter. But as the bespectacled said recently, "One must have one's delusions to live. If you look at life too honestly and too clearly life does become unbearable because it's a pretty grim enterprise."

ronan farrow
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Ronan Farrow: Mia Farrow & Woody Allen's Hot Son

Our jaws dropped last Friday when Rosie O'Donnell, who is a good friend of Mia Farrow's, posted a recent picture of Mia's 22 year-old son, Ronan Farrow, on her blog. Yowza! For someone who shares half of Woody Allen's genes, Ronan is quite the dreamboat. Given his father's comedic talent and his mother's activism, though, we're not surprised that Ronan's more than just a pretty face. Here are a few more reasons why he's our crush of the week (or of all time):

celebrity love triangles
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5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles

The love triangle: it's often used as a plot device in our favorite movies and TV shows because of the irresistible drama created by a character torn between two lovers. However, with the recent David Letterman sex scandal and rumors swirling about Justin Timberlake's alleged double duty with Jessica Biel and Rihanna, we're reminded that, in Hollywood, these sticky situations happen just as often off-screen as on. And in real life, love triangles aren't quite so much fun. The fallout can be devastating for everyone involved—both emotionally and career-wise.

10 relationship commandments

The 10 Relationship Commandments

Were there an 11th commandment, we think "thou shalt laugh" might not be a bad addition. In order to reflect on the sacredness of love, marriage, sex and relationships, we turned to those who solemnly take the good, the bad and the ugly sides of love and make us see them in a whole new light: comedians. Click ahead to read the 10 relationship commandments, as spoken by those who make us chuckle.

ScarJo "Kissed A Girl," Liked It
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ScarJo "Kissed A Girl," Liked It

Word on the street is that Katy Perry's inspiration for "I Kissed A Girl" was Scarlett Johansson. This was news to the diminutive actress but she's flattered. While she's talking shop, she is incredibly protective of her relationship with Ryan Reynolds, so you'll have to buy the book to hear more about that one (assuming that one day there will be a book). And her odd relationships with Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan.