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How To Be A Mother, A Wife—And Yourself

When you're the stay-at-home mother of an infant, you spend almost no time alone, and thinking goes out the window, unless you count anxious fretting over when to start solid foods and how to persuade the baby to go down for a nap. It's unclear to me now why I imagined this wouldn't be a difficult adjustment.

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My Husband Is A Fantasy Baseball Addict

There we were, checked into one of the most stunning hotels in Vancouver, and my husband had just one thing on his mind—and it had absolutely nothing to do with me. No amount of negligee (or lack thereof) was going to distract him. Guidebook in hand, I headed out to explore the city, while he sat in front of a laptop for the next six hours doing his fantasy baseball draft.

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Marriage And Multiples: Surviving 3 Sets Of Twins

If someone had told me when I was 25 years old that one day my husband and I would be parents to three sets of twins, I would have laughed out loud. At the time—it was 1988—my husband Bruce and I had been married about three years. We were very much in love, building our relationship upon mutual trust, love, respect, humor and faith in God. We also had a very active, healthy and happy sex life, but we hadn't yet decided it was time to start our family.

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Infidelity 101: What Is An Emotional Affair?

What's an emotional affair and how do you know if you're having one? The line between harmless flirtation with a member of the opposite sex and actual infidelity is blurry, especially for women, who are typically more open with their emotions. The number one sign that a relationship is starting to cross the line? You're telling another person things you're not telling your partner. Have you been cheating?

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How To Save Your Marriage

We’ve been married for 13 years and during this time we’ve learned that just about everything we’ve expected from love and marriage is the opposite of our actual lives. We’ve discovered there’s no such thing as happily-ever-after so we’ve opted for the more realistic “ever after.” We may not be blissed out every minute of the day, but in our “ever after,” we're raising a kid together we madly adore, we’re cracking each other up, and as far as we can tell there isn’t anyone else we’d rather spend our lives with. It’s in this spirit of lowered expectations that we’d like to share a few of things we’ve gleaned from our relationship.

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Holding Hands Is Ridiculously Good For You

Why is it that when we're upset, stressed, or scared we instinctively reach for our partner's hand? Or conversely, why is it that we always seem to reach for our partner's hand to comfort them when they're upset? Well a recent study by University of Virginia psychologist, Dr. James Coan, showed that the answer doesn't lie between our fingers, but in our brains. The study involved subjecting 16 happily-married women to stressful situations while monitoring their brain activity. The results showed less activity in the stress-related areas of the women's brains even while holding a stranger's hand, and a whole lot less when they held their hubby's hand.

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Your Family Size Can Help You Live Longer

According to a team of researchers there are some significant mortality themes correlating quite heavily with number of children. In other words, family size can help you live longer (or shorter). As it turns out, a husband and wife with two to three kids seemed to be about the safest bet for a long healthy life. On the flip side, everything from childless to child army somehow got wrapped up in higher risk for alcoholism, cervical cancer and even car crashes.

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8 Habits That Destroy Marriage

These habits married couples sometimes adopt could lead to major problems. We'll say it straight up: There's no good reason in the world to hang onto these habits. They aren't helping.

7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners
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7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners

Hollywood is built around the glories of romance, and the Academy Awards have frequently rewarded charismatic on-screen couples. But celebrity couples haven't fared quite as well; only a few actors and directors who paired up off-screen have both won Oscar gold. This year, Kathryn Bigelow is up for a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker; she'll go head-to-head against her ex-husband and Avatar director, James Cameron, who's already won the award for Titanic. Below, we'll take a look at the Hollywood husband-wife duos who have both brought home Academy Awards. 25 Romantic Films Oscar Missed MICHAEL DOUGLAS & CATHERINE ZETA-JONES

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Would You Win The Oscar For Best-Supporting Wife?

The 2010 Oscars are just around the corner. Given the touchy connection between acceptance speech mentions and marital bliss, we wonder: if there were an award for Best-Supporting Spouse, would you win? Here are three ways to successfully support a spouse, all the way to the Kodak Theatre stage.

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Modern Marriage: He's My Wusband, I'm His Hife

I'd argue that, for all of my wifely qualities (I can obsess over throw pillows with the best of them), I have an inner husband who tends to drive at least double the legal speed limit and leave socks on the floor, while my actual husband— tall, handsome, manly-guy that he is — has an inner wife who lives to make sure we both have clean underwear. ??Call us Wusband and Hife? ?? These labels, at least, allow for a little overlap: A division of labor based on what we're each best at, not just what's assigned us by virtue of chromosome.?? Of course, in some ways, we resemble happy "normal" newlyweds: I like to cook. For him. My husband, on the other hand, is very able to cook—but usually he'll start the pasta sauce along with a line of questioning like: Do I add water? Should I put it in the microwave? If I add garlic, do I chop it first? Most nights I wind up manning the pan, while he happily goes back to Guitar Hero.

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What Makes 77% Of Women Jealous?

For as long as we can remember, women have had a reputation for jealousy and cattiness. It's why studios greenlight movies like Bride Wars. It's why the Team Aniston verses Team Jolie debate continues to rage more than five years after Brad and Jen announced their separation. It's why today, Woman's Day and AOL Living published a "jealousy survey," which polled 2,000 women on what made them envious. Here's what we've gathered: