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Is The Social Media Prenup Revolutionizing Marriage?

America's legal system is here to protect the helpless victims of photo-uploading abuse with the new "Social Media Prenup." In other words, a legal clause protecting each spouse in the marriage can be inserted into a couple's prenup, stating that there could be no embarrassing, unflattering, or unwanted pictures of any sort on any form of social media.

Who is he really?
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Who Is The Most Interesting Man In The World? 5 Facts To Know

The Most Interesting Man in the World, aka the Dos Equis spokesman who is often featured doing daring deeds with beautiful women, is one of the most delightful and enticing brand figures of the last several years. But who is the man behind the Man? We've done some digging and discovered 5 things you need to know about the life and loves of The Most Interesting Man in the World.

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Cohabitation Is About To Become Much, Much Easier

Living together with your significant other is a grand thing. There is the joy of being with the one you love, and the adventure of figuring out how to cohabitate. But as with any new adventure, there are inevitably pitfalls. Never fear, as there is someone out there ready to help you and your sweetie live happily together.

Marriage: 10 Hottest Wives in Hockey
Henrik Zetterberg and Emma Andersson.
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10 Hottest Wives in Hockey

Yes, winter is here! With it comes hockey season. And with hockey comes hockey marriages! The hottest wives in the sport have been assembled here for your enjoyment. So get viewing!

Wackiest Love Superstitions
Love makes us do some strange things.
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7 Ultra Wacky Love Superstitions

Everyone has their own opinion about love and relationships, and especially how to fall in love. Whether it's seeing a matchmaker, getting fixed up by friends or just winging it, there are a lot of ways to go about finding love. However, some of the more…interesting ways have morphed into superstitions over the years, and we've rounded them all up fr yuor enjoyment.

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"I've made a huge mistake."

Sex Stories #119: 'The Night I Roofied Myself'

I took the pill on the way home, trying to time it so I could collapse just inside our door, rather than outside. I distinctly remember rolling my commuting jeans and underwear off as one unit, like a dirty rubber band, and slipping into a pair of cotton panties and a camisole top. I woke up the next morning feeling great. Birds shining, sun chirping. My cotton panties were neatly folded by the side of the bed, which was weird. "Don’t tell me you don’t remember!" he said...

wedding photobomb
Wedded bliss, right?
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12 Hilariously Epic Wedding Photobombs

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and an album of perfectly unforgettable photos to memorialize it. The album she envisions doesn't necessarily include an infiltration from the Navy SEALs or a nude stranger bathing in a nearby lake, but sometimes that's what she gets anyway. Check out these twelve hilarious wedding photobombs.

commitment, husband
Do you take your marriage for granted?

A Message From My Husband That Shook Me To The Core

My husband came home from work one day and handed me a book about improving our marriage. "Am I really that bad?" I asked, looking down at the book as my lips began to quiver and mascara ran down my cheeks. Without hesitation, he replied, "Yes." I realized that passing the book to me was his cry for help. Maybe the last one he'd deliver. I suddenly felt sad, scared and very, very sorry.

It's A Family Affair
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It's A Family Affair

You’re lonely in a sexless marriage, and so is he.  So, when you meet and sparks fly, it seems mutually beneficial to engage in an affair.  But is it really?  At first, you may experience the passion and the lust that you once had in your relationship, reminding you of your teenage years.  You enjoy spending hours discreetly talking, texting or chatting, wanting to know everything about this new interest in your life.  Then, when it comes time to meet, can you both find the time?  All of a sudden, you realize that his priorities are his family and the

The First 5 minutes…and beyond.
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The First 5 minutes…and beyond.

You’re a woman. You KNOW that we men are visual creatures. What does she look like? Woah-dont get whiplash from that head whipping around! Excuse me-my eyes are up HERE! You’ve seen it happen, may be involved in it happening, and may even do some of it yourself (Ryan Gosling, Maxwell…need I say more?).