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8 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About Love
Baseball seasons starts tonight.
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8 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About Love

Whew. The Major League Baseball season is opening up today* and not a moment too soon, as the college basketball season came to a close a scant 36 hours ago and life would be awful if we just had the NBA and NHL to glance at over the rim of a pint glass.

sex esquire sofia vergara
Think Esquire's newsstand sales went up this month?
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SEX! Sofia Vergara! Now That We Have Your Attention...

Men never cease to surprise me. No matter how often I write about trends in male sex preferences, cheating and other relationship-related news, the latest and greatest surveys always seem to throw a giant wrench in whatever conclusions my previous research had established. This year's annual Esquire sex survey is no different.

red dress brunette
Men love brunettes in red dresses. Science says so.
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14 Things Men Love, According To Science

I had a good chuckle over Made Man's list of Things Science Says Women Love. Apparently we are all suckers for homosexual men who look like our dads and don't smile. Thanks, science! Oh, the image I'm conjuring right now is unsettling. Anyhow … I felt inspired to roundup a few of the things science says men love.

devil girl
Is revenge cheating acceptable?
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What Guys Think Links: Should You Cheat On A Cheater?

Who is your favorite "Hunger Games" character? What does Don Draper look for in a lady? A lady gets a wedding do-over. Postponing a wedding for a lizard. Taking a porn actress to the prom. Bachelor party must-haves. Is paying for sex always wrong? Is revenge cheating okay? What if you're more sexual than your guy? What do guys really think about after having sex? Saying goodbye really hurts. And, how to let him/her down easy.

5 Super-Honest Dating Tips (From Men!)
It's not all hearts and flowers when it comes to dating advice from men.
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5 Super-Honest Dating Tips (From Men!)

Dating can be kind of mystifying — it's so hard to know how to do it right. Everywhere you turn, it's "we promise you'll meet the man of your dreams," and "the TRUE dating secrets revealed." Everyone wants to tell you what to do.

watching sports
It's March Madness time. Tips for how to watch the games with your guy.
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5 Tips For Watching Sports With Your Guy If You Don't Have A Clue

There is this stereotypical perception out there that women are total nags when their guys are trying to watch the big game. She's asking what color paint swatch would look best on the dining room walls, prodding him about where he left the vacuum, insisting that he kill that massive spider, basically doing everything but letting him watch the game...

woman with basketball
She totally looks like she would school you at sports knowledge, right?

I'm A Female Sports Fan—Why Is This A Turn-Off?

My female friends always think my mad love of sports will consistently win the hearts of guys the world over. For some reason, they believe this is the magical key that will make men utter, "Marry me" on the first date. Ha. They're always in for a surprise when I tell them negative reactions usually ensue.

Why Do Guys Love Lube?
Why do guys love lube?
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Why Do Guys Love Lube?

A little bit of lube can go a long way towards making your sexual experience longer, more enjoyable and eons more comfortable. No wonder men love it.

Many Christian women would love to meet Mr. Right at church. Why aren't the men on board?
Traditional Love

Why Won't Christian Men Date Women Who Go To Their Church?

Think you're going to find The One at your home church, Christian ladies? Think again. "I've only gone out with a couple of girls at church, and I won't do it anymore," says Luke*, a 40-year-old Christian man living in Southern California. "At this point, I'm happily resigned to not ask a girl out at church ever again."

body image
Embrace your body, girl!
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Will He Like You Naked?

Are you excited about the notion of hopping into bed with your new guy? Slowly undressing, eyes locked, savoring each others bodies...lust so intense that you both might explode? Or does the thought of it make you so nervous you want to puke? For many of you—especially if you're dating in your 40's, 50's, or beyond—it's been a while since you stood naked in front of a man.

couple serious love
Is he serious or just having fun?
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10 Signs He's Serious About You

How can you tell if a guy is serious about you? Most men aren't as hard to read as you may think. There are surefire ways to tell that he sees you in his future. Here are our seven favorites.

woman fixing car
Are you handy with tools? That could turn a man on.
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10 Surprising Things That Turn Men On

Men are both exceedingly complex and irritatingly simplistic creatures, so it makes total sense that the following 10 surprisingly everyday things are the turn-ons that really work.