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yo-yo dating
Start dating someone new, dorks!
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What Guys Think Links: Yo-Yo Dating Doesn't Work

Texas inmates have been getting their fill of porn. Why yo-yo dating doesn't work. What do you do if you're in love with someone whose gender identity is just not compatible with yours? What happens if he has lots of attractive female friends? One-night stands aren't that bad, y'all. Only jerks think that only jerks get laid. The best songs for sexing! And, a novel approach to meeting someone cool:l Talk to them. bro hunting Your guide to catching (but probably not keeping) a total bro.
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What Guys Think Links: How To Catch A Bro

How does a guy get out of the friend zone? The demise and lingering death of the porn store. She's uncomfortable about receiving oral sex. Men do these five things and we're sorry. How to survive a blind date. Are you using him or is he using you? What do men do after a painful breakup? Be careful what you write when you're going through a divorce. Four signs he's really into you. And, DO NOT got chasing waterfalls.

couple romantic
Does he make you coffee every morning? He's definitely into you.
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5 Signs He's Definitely Into You (From Actual Guys)

Dating and mating are SO much work sometimes! The guesswork of whether or not the guy you're crushing on is crushing on you back can leave you spiraling around, second-guessing his every interaction, trying to understand if he's actually into you. Well, ladies, I'm here to help.

If you can't keep your hands off each other, you're probably doing something right!
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7 Signs You're Good In Bed

It's something every girl has wondered: am I good in bed? Sure, like kissing, much of it may have to do with compatibility—what might be hot for one guy could be just plain freaky to the next. But no matter what your guy's preferences are, here are the 7 signs to know that you're rocking his socks off!

man alone road
What's it like out there for a solo guy?
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What Guys Think Links: Do Men Really Hate Being Alone?

The ten rules of double dating. How a guy should take dating to the next level. What would guys do if they were chicks for a day. Are shy guys actually afraid of women? Does a guy really fear ruining a relationship by making it physical? What if he's unemployed and she's got a killer job? Do men really, really hate being alone?

valentines day gifts for him
Surprise him with something he'll love.
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10 Awesome Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Guys don't want Valentine's Day gifts, right? Wrong. Presents are always nice. For budgets big, small and in-between we've got tons of fun stuff your dude could want this Valentine's Day.

6 Dating Lessons I Learned From "Always Hit On The Wingman"
"Always Hit On The Wingman," ladies. It's a life-changing book.
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6 Secret Rules For Getting The Love Life You Want

Every month, I always enjoy reading Jake's column in Glamour magazine. Since 1956, it's been penned by a slew of anonymous, single men who've helped countless women navigate the dating world by writing honestly and openly about the game of love from a man's perspective. One of the more recent Jakes has written a book, "Always Hit On The Wingman: And 9 Other Secret Rules For Getting The Love Life You Want."

Top 10 Things Men Can't Stand About Women
What do men hate about women?
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Top 10 Things Men Can't Stand About Women

#1: I Can't Stand Someone Who Likes to Spend Excessive Time as a Couch Potato. There's nothing wrong with relaxing, but being in a relationship with a couch potato can get old fast. In fact, men are so wary of lazy women that it sneaks into the Top Ten list of Can't Stands.

man thinking
"Hmmm... Amanda..." *drool*
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Study Says Men Get Dumber Just By Thinking About Women

It's no secret that the male gender is a bunch of bumbling idiots when it comes to us ladies. Look at us! Our hips, our breasts, the way we smell, the softness of skin (which is completely natural and in no way attributed to mounds of moisturizer) and of course, just the fact that we are the fairer (read: superior) of the genders — we're the complete package.

couple hot sex
Try them all tonight and turn up the heat.
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15 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life (From Men)

It's hard, especially if you've been a long-term relationship or marriage, to keep the sexy alive. It's easy to fall into a rut when it comes to a romp in the bedroom -- we've all done it -- and harder than ever to come back out of the rut with some new sexy moves.

Friday The 13th
It's Friday the 13th.
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13 "What Guys Think Links" For Friday The 13th

The perfect first kiss, made easy. He wants her to think it's just a booty call situation, but he has real feelings. How do you know if your guy is settling for you? Will a guy ALWAYS ask out a chick he digs? Do guys like to watch porn solo or with a partner? A product that will make Skype sex WAY more interesting. The practicality of long-distance relationships. Do NOT see Blue Valentine on date night. What to think about the final resting place of male reproductive fluid. Jay-Z is not a role model for your love life.

she's weird
There's a guy who's probably into this look.
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What Guys Think Links: He Loves Your Flaws

And a happy new year to you, sirs and madams. I hope you haven't dropped your resolutions into a vat of acid and cried yourself to sleep over lost dreams. Because it would be a little awkward if we both did that. Here is what the "other guys" have had to say about loving, dating, doing it and all that stuff.

man thinking sex woman
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What He's Really Thinking About During Sex

Oh yeah, I’m about to have sex. What time is it? Big hand is on “LAID,” little hand is on “ME.” This is going to be awesome. Breath: minty! Pits: spicy! Boxers: fresh! Give her the Han Solo smirk. Squint, seductively. Remember that the eyes are like the mouths of the pants. Tell her what she needs to know just by looking at her: I’m about to let the dawgs of freaky push it, pu-push it real good. Buckle up, lucky lady, you’ve got a first class ticket on the rocket of love.