Michael Newton & Johanna Hickey are Brooklyn baristas offering themselves up for marriage.
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Weird News: Two Baristas Want $25K For Their Hands In Marriage

You can get married to a pair of Brooklyn baristas for their companionship and perfectly poured lattes. The bean-grinders, Michael Newton and Johanna Hickey, only need a cool $25K to wife or husband up any of their customers. The java-slingers have a caveat (and I'm paraphrasing): "none of that, you know, sex stuff."

"In advertising, sex sells. But only if you're selling sex." -- Jef I. Richards

Sex Sells: Spain Lifts Ban On Hooker Ads

The Spanish parliament took action over the weekend to address the country's fiscal woes, passing a bill introduced by the opposition that lifts a longstanding ban on the advertising of sexual services. Wait: Prostitution is legal in Spain?!

The Celtics cheerleaders
The Celtics cheerleaders. Image courtesy of

Weird News: The Celtics Lost, He Took It Out On His Girlfriend

The incident took place when the couple were in the victim's car after watching the Celtics lose Game 6 of their NBA conference final to the Miami Heat. The defendant, John McGuinness, was reportedly enraged after his girlfriend — whose name has not yet been released — received a text message from a male friend.

When the panties come off ... the feathers come out?
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Weird News: A Feather Pubic Hair Wig? Yes, Really.

As far as the attractiveness of the Foxy Bikini and The Carnivale (the fox fur and the feather treatments, respectively) go, this writer has not enjoyed the opportunity to check them out close-up. However, one can imagine that it would be pretty funny to go through the awkward process of pulling someone's clothes off for the first time to be confronted with what looks like an animal either trying to enter or escape from a woman's babymaker.