50 Shades Of Grey
Do you want "50 Shades of Grey" on YOUR nightstand when you travel?
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Holy Moly! Hotel Replaces Bibles With '50 Shades Of Grey'

Christian Grey is damn near God-like — at least according to guests' bedside tables in The Damson Dene Hotel. Bibles have been booted and E. L. James' BDSM erotica novel 50 Shades of Grey has taken their place in every room within the English inn.

woman sick toilet
New study says pregnancy sickness can be alleviated by ... oral sex?
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The Link Between Oral Sex & Morning Sickness

They say that when you're hung over, the best thing for you is to drink another beer. While some people stand by the concept that "hair of the dog" is the best way to get yourself back on track after a night of drinking, others think that mass amounts of hydration, Tums and a dark room will do the trick. No matter where you stand on the matter, you're about to view the phrase "hair of the dog" — the idea that whatever made you ill can make you feel better — in a whole new light.

Why do some women put men's boxers on their heads after washing their hair? Read on ...
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6 Weirdest Beauty Rituals Women Love

Think your beauty routine is weird? Next time your guy gives you a funny look for doing a face mask or waxing your upper lip, point him in the direction of this list. Here are five beauty rituals that are a little less than conventional.

jennifer aniston
No Jennifer Aniston movie for you, deadbeat dad!
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Deadbeat Dad Lured To Pennsylvania For 'Jennifer Aniston Movie'

At the risk of offending one of the least powerful groups of men in America, deadbeat dads are largely a bunch of ditships. Police have been using this fact against the reticent payers for years. Per a recent Today Show, a man living in Hawaii fell for the oldest trick in the book when he took a one-million hour flight to Pennsylvania because ...

bondage girl
Spanking parties aren't all bondage gear and sex toys.
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Hey, What's A Spanking Party Like?

The first time I asked a guy to spank me in bed, he suggested I double up on my therapy sessions. When I asked him a second time, he did it — but in a half-assed way because it wasn't his thing. While I respect that, I knew that if I didn't get properly spanked at some point soon, I was going to lose it.