'Bride-Napping' Is Still A Trend Around The World
In some countries, the bride-stealing custom is one of the oldest marriage traditions.
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'Bride-Napping' Is Still A Trend Around The World

It's one of Romania's more colorful customs: bride-napping. And the tradition of snatching the bride from under the nose of groom and guests with the wedding party in full swing is getting bigger, brasher and an increasingly common sight in the Romanian capital, the Balkans' undisputed party town.

topless woman
National Go Topless day, you say? Tell me more...
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Sunday, Aug. 26 Is National Go Topless Day!

Women who want the federal government to advance the rights of women to go topless anywhere that men can — at a beach, pool, gym, yoga class — will bare their breasts and celebrate "Go Topless Day," an annual event that takes place the last Sunday in August in cities all over the U.S. and the world.

bikini butt
Why are we so taken by her choice of tattoo placement?

In Defense Of The Butt Tattoo

Why are we so taken by Maria Louise Del Rosario's choice of tattoo placement? Is it because we cringe at the presumed pain and feel like we have to share our collective "ouch" in a social media reflex? Is it because we all still like to say "anus" (it is a fun word), kind of an ode to our inner 12-year-old? Or is it because (for some) the anus still remains one of the last sexual roads less often traveled?

online dating scame
This woman is not interested in your love, she wants your money.
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Weird News: Are Kiwis Highly Susceptible To Dating Scams?

We all want to believe there's someone out there who could love us. Sure, some of us are utterly unloveable, but the lion's share of us are correct in the assertation that we deserve some person outide of our immediate families to love us. And, the longer we go without that love, one of two things happens: either we give up or we become dangerously desperate.

eyeball laser
His mouth says, "I love chicks, bro," but his eyes tell a different story.
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Weird News: Eye Dilation Is The New 'Gaydar'

A new study suggests that a guy's "gayve-away" may have less to do with a limp wrist, a light pair of loafers and a penchant for the color pink — and more to do with eyeball dilation. The study, scientific as it gets, measured the shrinking and growth of guy's pupil when he's exposed to various erotic, visual stimuli (re: porn).