man milking cow drawing

Indonesian Man Marries Cow

The story goes that a young villager from a village called Yeh Embang was briefly enchanted by a member of the bovine species and, I'll be damned, made it with that cow. Clearly, we're dealing with somewhat less than a full deck OR the young man was accurate in his assessment that the cow shape shifted into the form a comely woman and seduced him. His friends and neighbors were nearly as incredulous as you or I may have been and solved the bestiality problem the only way you can: feeding the beast.

satellite dish

"Gaydar" Still Not A Real Thing

The dang Dutch are at it again. After terrorizing us with wooden shoes and windmills for what feels like decades, they then allowed their name to be associated with crummy stuff like Von Dutch hats and Dutch ovens (not the thick-walled cooking vessel). And now they're trying to convince us that "gaydar" exists. But the study has many holes in it, and it seems as if a few too many assumptions are being made.


Using A Hitman On Your Spouse To Be Extra Illegal

A very strange case in California has highlighted the need for revisions to the law. It's currently not possible to make any money from a divorce if you've attempted or succeeded in murdering your spouse, but you can still get divided communal assets if you hire or attempt to hire someone to do the deed. Many people feel this loophole is unfair, against the spirit of the law and should be closed as soon as it is convenient for everyone involved.

adult couple on swingset

Lawsuit Proves Chicago Couple Aren't Swingers

What happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is fine with you. You're not uptight! You did some crazy things in college, and you're no square. Still, there are some things you just don't want to see. Like swingers. Read on to see how a series of emails in the Chicago area led a couple, who say they were not engaged in the lifestyle, to sue a busybody neighbor.

sex shop sign

Bahrain Novelty Shop Avoids Censure

Khadija Ahmed is the proprietress of a joint called Khadija Fashion House in a town called Manama. It's a shop specializing in lingerie and various sex toys. Is the region becoming a little less conservative about these things? Or is Bahrain just an anomaly?

vietnamese couple

Vietnam Gives Couples Permission To Cheat

One of the most universal questions out there is, "Can you love two people at the same time?" In Vietnam, the answer is a resounding "maybe." The village of Khau Vai has a love market designed to let people in arranged marriages meet up with their past lovers once a year.

couples therapy

Couple Sues Shrink Due To His Bad Advice

It turns out that psychologists are just like the rest of us: prone to making mistakes and giving medium-to-bad advice. A couple in New York are laying down the lawsuit with the couple's couples therapist. The man, actor Guido Venitucci, says his shrink hectored him into having an affair, and now he and his wife want some financial restitution.

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Polygamy And Sex Parties: Private Or Public?

A Malaysian politician is in hot water after taking a second wife. While it wasn't against the law for him to engage in polygamy, he just had to run it by his first wife first. Her consent was required to inform the Sharia court that the second was OK. And a college professor in China is facing three and a half years in jail on grounds of "group licentiousness." Essentially, the educator was having orgies and group sex is bad for business in the People's Republic of China. It doesn't seem like privacy is much of a concern there, but how would you feel if your next-door neighbor was getting into those kind of shenanigans?

woody allen and soon yi previn
Love Buzz

6 Inappropriate Relationships That Intrigue Us

They say that love has no bounds, but maybe it should. Reading this story about a biological grandmother and grandson who are romantically involved only illustrates that as long as love and sex abound, scandal will as well. Here are six couples whose story is more disturbing that delighting:

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Couple Married By Robot In Japan

Before the next logical step of humans "romancing" and eventually marrying robots, we'll have them perform other jobs in and around love and relationship to become accustomed to human emotions and the nature of romance. Those jobs will initially include wedding cake icer, flower girl and priest. Our friends at The Frisky have it on good authority (including a video) that a Japanese couple has been married by a robot. Evidently, through hook or crook (but most likely articulated robo-arm) the robot actually brought the two together in the first place.


Do Indonesian Authorities Hate The Male Member?

Policemen or prospective policemen should just forget about getting work in Papua if they've had (to use advertising parlance) that "special" part enlarged. Evidently, the military has fallen into lockstep with this anti-donkey dong directive. The official line is that an over-sized phallus will be a "hindrance during training," so says police mouthpiece Zainuri Lubis. On top of that, after the trailer to "Cowboys In Paradise" was aired, many young gigolos were arrested on the island of Bali, particularly the Kuta Beach region. Sounds likes some haterade was drank by the fuzz.

Boobquake: Can Naked Women Cause An Earthquake?

Boobquake: Can Naked Women Cause An Earthquake?

After an Iranian cleric declared that earthquakes can be, in some part, attributed to immodest female dress (AKA cleavage, mid-drift and rouge). While some people know that this is unlikely, as only immodest dancing can cause earthquakes, others feel that the Persian killjoy really overstepped his bounds. The solution, obviously, was to put him in his place by having women all wear whatever they damn well please as long as it's sexy.

girlfriend pillow

America In Race For Most Pillow Girlfriends

Like most technology, they get the really great stuff in Japan and then it filters to us Yanks. We followed their auto design (until they started moving a little too fast for us, hi-ooo Toyota joke!). They got Dance Dance Revolution first. They all had smart phones first. They have ubiquitous WiFi and I still have to sit within four feet of my wireless router. The latest import from the land of falling birthrate is the girlfriend pillow for shut-ins.

banana, phallic symbol

The Ins And Outs Of A Japanese Penis-Festival

Sometimes weird news comes out of Japan. And in this case the news is about penis festivals. Springtime in many places means a renewal and a time for fertility and the Japanese seem to believe that the phallic symbol should cover the gamut of fertility. Strange love from the land of the rising sun.

topless woman

Taking Off Your Top To Prove A Point

What happens when life serves you lemons? You take matters into your own hands. Which is how it came to be that flight attendants for the now-defunct Air Comet have decided to try to recoup back pay by getting naked for a calendar. Following their lead, women in Portland, Maine rcently decided to protest society's taciturn relationship with female toplessness.


Best Job Ever: Honeymoon Tester-Outer

An Irish travel agency,, is looking for one lucky couple to spend six months checking out honeymoon locales in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. In addition to the months of pampering, obliviousness to the future hardships and absurd amounts of sex, the couple will also pocket a cool $27K while on this vacation.