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How Twitter Can Doom Your Wedding Day

Watch what you retweet—Twitter, it seems, could wreck your nuptials. Case in point: The UPI is reporting that a Chinese human rights activist, Cheng Jianping, was arrested on what was meant to be her wedding day, all because she retweeted her fiance's politically-charged tweet.

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World's Tallest Couple Made "Official" In California

You ever see a really tall dude and a woman of average to less-than-average height and catch yourself saying or thinking, "it must be awkward to get sexy"? Well, a pair of tall people have finally decided to take our feelings into consideration. Californians Wayne and Laurie Hallquist measure a cool 13' 4.35" between them, and the Guinness Book says they're the tallest couple on the planet.

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How The Economy's Affecting Swingers Clubs

It's rough out there, friends. Unemployment is high. Banks are taking a harder stance on foreclosures. And something else that's really crappy. But America's happiest people, swingers (don't argue with me about this), are really starting to feel the pinch too. NYC swingers clubs are getting beat up by the economy. And a woman in Illinois TRIED to beat up a cop with a sex toy over an unpaid bill. BUT not all sex toy stories are bad news. A hilarious and uplifting tale about when to say when.

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Hetero Couple Denied Civil Union. Again.

A couple comprised of one Tom Freeman and one Katherine Doyle have had their world turned upside down. A little back story: in London, a homosexual couple can commit to each other in the eyes of the law and of the crown by way of civil union, whereas a heterosexual pair must have a wedding. But Doyle and Freeman would prefer a civil union to a plain Jane marriage.

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A Free Hotel Stay With A Sexy Hitch

A hotel chain is opening with plant to allow guests to stay for free. The wrinkle, and I'm not even sure it is a wrinkle, is that cameras will record you having sex, and that the hotel owners will then sell that recorded sex to people on the Internet.

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4 Ways To Love Yourself (Without A Wedding)

Thirty-year-old Chen Wei-yih of Taiwan has her wedding all planned out. She has a dress, a guest list, a reserved banquet hall, a planned honeymoon to Australia, not to mention a wedding planner. All that's missing, or rather purposefully missing, is a groom. Uninspired by ex-boyfriends and unhappy with the binding nature of tradition, Wei-yih hopes to promote self-love by marrying herself. If the idea of marriage—to another person—just ain't your thing, like Wei-yih, here are four other ways to love yourself.


Nutty Judge Crazy About Condoms

You've probably heard this a million times before, but some activist judges really think it's their job to push public policy… even if they have to get their hands dirty. A judge from Intercourse, PA took it upon himself to make sure that various women were in desperate need of barrier protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, and handed them condoms inside of acorns.

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YES! Finally, We Can Have Our McWedding

Fast food has really taken a thumping in the last few decades. To the point that visiting them is either a guilty pleasure or a punchline. The king of all fast food chains has decided to take back its birthright with the McWedding. Is it a strange wedding venue or just another sign of the apocalypse?

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Why Men With Big Bellies Make Better Lovers

A study out of Turkey concluded that overweight men with obvious bellies last longer in bed than their thinner counterparts. Men with a higher BMI and, yes, unsightly guts, lasted an average of 7.3 minutes where the slimmer of the group could barely hold on for 2 minutes. Ouch, right? Are big-bellied men really better lovers?

5 Weird And Notable Engagement Rings
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5 Weird And Notable Engagement Rings

After auctioneers at Sotheby's announced the upcoming sale of a rare 25-carat pink diamond, we couldn't help but briefly fantasize about wearing that $38 million rock. While we firmly hope that the size of an engagement ring won't make or break a proposal, would a woman complain if presented with the magnificently-named Fancy Intense Pink Diamond? This got us thinking about some other engagement rings, both real and hypothetical, which—for better or for worse—have grabbed our attention.


Could Apple Have Stopped Brett Favre's Sexting?

Apple's Steve Jobs said (paraphrasing!) to get an Android if you want to watch porn rather than his iPhone. And now he's taking sexting on headfirst. Apple has a product coming out of 2008 patent that will allow users (and parents!) to filter objectionable text message content. Will this really change anything for anyone? Could this have stopped Brett Favre?

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Many Brits Not Sure Where Babies Come From

A survey of youngish Brits has determined they have some funny ideas about where babies come from, and misconceptions about other pregnancy myths. And after the babies are birthed, the bad info keeps on coming. Did this survey hit a rotten pocket of misinformation or the tip of an under-informed iceberg.

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Taiwan Is Paying People To Have Babies

When is the perfect time to have a baby? When someone will pay you for it! Duh. Taiwan is getting slapped around by the replacement rate. And the government has decided to take a stand by offering couples money to procreate. Sounds like nothing could possibly go wrong.


A Love Triangle Turned Lethal

A woman went skydiving with her dude, her dude's male buddy, and a rival for her dude's affections and wound up crashing into a garden some 17,000 feet below. The rival, one Els Clottemans, maintains her innocence and claims that the victim was someone she considered a friend. The prosecution claims she has mental issues and that the sabotage could be easily have been committed by an experienced skydiver in 30 seconds with a pair of scissors and a bad attitude. Be careful who you love triangle with.