baseball couples

Baseball Players Swapped Wives, Lives

Back in the spring of 1973, some things got really weird with Major League baseball. Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson decided that they needed their lives to start going in another direction. And to jumpstart things, instead of running away from their families, they decided to swapped wives, homes and families. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may be making a movie about it.

heart attack

Can Sex Explode Your Heart?

A study conducted by the Tufts Medical Center's Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies states that your risk for heart attack is tripled after sex. While you may be justifiably concerned about your sexual health, don't scream, "Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick" and go for an emergency libido-ectomy just yet. Keep in mind that your chances are still really small that it'll happen.

arrested couple

Facebook Unfriending Lands Couple In Jail

A woman in Brooksville, Florida unfriended her live-in boyfriend whilst in a pique about something or other. And that very umbrage came back many-fold as the live-in boyfriend confronted his lady about the unfriending and her status change to single (and, implicitly, ready to mingle). Eventually, the fracas came to such a boil that John Law was called to the feuding couple's mutual residence.

computer wedding

A Skype Wedding For A Sick Groom

A couple in California decided that a little lung infection wasn't going to ruin their weekend wedding plans. As there were upwards of 500 guests attending from as far as away as Korea, they decided not to delay their nuptials. Instead, they went ahead with the ceremony--with the bride in the church and the groom in the hospital--via Skype. Everyone wins!

Japanese couple

Japan's Waning Libido Causing Concern

Men in the Land of the Rising Sun are losing their libidos. The story goes that 36 percent of boys ages 16 to 19 in Japan have "little to no interest" in sex. Over 80 percent of 20-year-old Japanese dudes are currently not dating anyone. And half of the two decaders have NEVER had a girlfriend (note: some writers were into their 20s before they had their first girlfriends, so let's not judge). Dig this: the young ladies are even more uninterested in sex.


Indian Man Has 39 Wives, Is A Christian

Within some circles of belief, marrying a handful of ladies is commonplace. We're talking about circles containing people with mildly different sensibilities than those of your run-of-the-mill Judeo-Christian American. One Indian man has 39 wives, a boatload of kids and grandkids, and is doing it all for Jesus.

skinny jeans

Guys: Would You Wear Your Ex's Jeans?

You ever see product/marketing ideas that are so bad they have to be PR stunts? It looks like America's favorite blue jeans manufacturer is getting in on the act. Levi's has a complement for their ex-boyfriend jeans... they've introduced the ex-girlfriend jeans for guys. I don't know what to think.

kissing statues

Don't Make Out At This Hindu Temple

In a spot of weird news, a Kathmandu Hindu temple is outlawing PDA. Evidently, courting young lovers use the temple's grounds of canoodling and the pandits think they should take it more seriously. To whit, anyone found courting will be hit with a fine that amounts to about $7. Take that, young libertines.

Valentine's Day

Iran To Ban Valentine's Day

Since overthrowing the Shah in 1979, the leaders of Iran have tried to oppose Western influence. This time around, they've decided that Valentine's Day is not appropriate for the Persian people. Some people want to switch it with a holiday called Mehregan but we all know that Hallmark probably won't take this sitting down.

Love Bytes: Are You Allergic To Your Partner?
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Love Bytes: Are You Allergic To Your Partner?

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. The top 10 argument triggers for couples and when they are most likely to occur. Trying to get over a breakup? We have 21 remedy strategies and 10 get over it strategies. We found that both semen allergies and mile high sex kits do exist in real life, and that your blow up sex doll may just save your life someday. These stories, along with women telling their sluttiest stories, this week on LoveBytes.

knee to the groin

Let's Consider Mangling Genitals To Be A Last Option

Floridians and Germans, we can all agree, do some weird things. Recently, they've both been up to venting their frustration via mangling male genitalia. At this point, we should consider any sort of assault to anyone's genitals as a last resort... particularly when it comes to relationship issues.

funeral home

Funeral Homes Now Hosting Weddings

Not everyone wants to go into debt for their wedding. And those same people don't want to necessarily get married in Vegas. That's when compromise comes in. Do you get married in the winter or on a non-Saturday? Or do you find a new venue. While you're trying a new venue you should consider a funeral home, it's like a church but slightly sadder.

large knife
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Angry Father Castrates Daughter's Older Boyfriend

We've all dated someone who didn't pass our parents' approval meter, but nothing, not even Dad's "rules for courting my little girl" lectures, can beat how this 47 year-old German man taught his daughter's older boyfriend a lesson. Helmut Seifert, father of a seventeen year-old girl, castrated Philip Genscher, 57, with a bread knife after an anonymous tipper notified him of their relationship.

Lauren Williams
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Woman Claims To Have Two Vaginas

Viewers were shocked by the latest guest on The Tyra Show. On Friday, 29-year-old Lauren Williams announced on the show that she had been born with two vaginas, drawing gasps of dismay from the audience. No less startling to many women watching the show was Williams' confession that the condition seems to give her two menstrual cycles, as she says her periods last 21 days. In addition to two vaginas—which she has since had surgery to merge into one—the young English woman also has two cervixes and two uteruses.