Which state do you think this sized banana would be from?
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States Ranked By 'Size': Do You Live In The Biggest?

We've heard many stereotypes when it comes to a man's "size" based on race, the size of his feet and hands, and even the type of vehicle he drives. But what about which state the man comes from? Well now that information is available all thanks to America's first condom store, Condomania.

drunk couple
Yeah, I know you're super hot but this booze makes you an 11 or so.
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Weird News: 10% Of You Maniacs Only Have Drunk Sex

Quoting a poll from of adult adult [sic] beverage comsumers, booze in Britain plays a major role in mating. Further, half of the couples hadn't had sex in the last month without the inclusion of liquid courage. How much of your sexual activity involves alcohol?

knocked down tombstone
You should see what the other tombstone looks like.
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Weird News: Boozy Lady Crashes Into Boyfriend's Graveyard

While most of us have only seen them on television, sometimes funerals veer into melodramatic histrionics. An inconsolable mama yells, "take me instead, God!" Vin Diesel vows revenge while clenching his fists in an unseasonable southern California downpour. And a distraught widow has to be held back lest she take a header into the casket hole. Periodically, that widow arrives at the grave sometime later, is behind the wheel and has consumed enough booze to breath-start a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.