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7 Wacky Reasons People Called It Quits

Dating isn't easy. Chances are, you have to casually date a bunch of people before settling on one that you think has the most potential. However, in the beginning stages of getting to know someone things can change rather quickly. Maybe he shows a disgusting habit at the dinner table and you can't get over it. Perhaps she says something extreme that makes you pause and then run for the hills.

two women eating watermelon
Yup, watermelon is one of them!
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Let's Get It On: 8 Strange Things That Turn Women On

According to research, the exercise-induced orgasm is real … and so are these other odd libido enhancers. Some sort of make sense, and some sound downright bizarre, but science doesn't care if you get laid or not, so why would it lie about what turns women on?

skeletons wedding photo in front of carriage
This list will surely remind you that there are some interesting individuals out there.
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28 Outrageous Wedding Photos You Won't Believe Exist

When it comes to photos from the wedding, you might expect to see the shot of the couple having their kiss at the ceremony, them walking down the altar together, and of course the picture of them shoving cake into each other's faces. Well, it's time to get rid of all those expectations and scroll through these unbelievable real wedding photos.

Sex: 7 Freakiest Fetishes You've Never Heard Of
You might want to sit down for this one.
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7 Freakiest Fetishes You've Never Heard Of

We've all heard about some strange fetishes. There are people who are partial to feet, others who like to be spanked. But what about the stranger fetishes out there? We found the seven freakiest fetishes you've probably never heard of, and that need to be read to be believed.

arrested couple
I guess the good times do have to end.
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Weird News: Mystery Couple Arrested With 20 IDs

A couple of grifters were picked up near Altamonte Springs, FL (northwest of Orlando) trying to fraudulently purchase iPhone 5s. Ho hum. However, this couple refused to produce proven identification when the police arrived. Instead, it was discovered that the two had upwards of 20 falsified IDs.

woman horrified
Uh ... that would be a NO.
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Dating Horror Story: He Wanted To Watch Me Get A Brazilian Wax

About two months into my relationship with B, he started sharing his desire to see me get a Brazilian wax. Of course, this was never going to happen. Not only are guests not welcome in the waxing room, but I wasn't about to have anyone outside of my beloved waxer see me writhe in such pain as I did everything within my power not to scream out something bizarre or obscene.

Why do some women put men's boxers on their heads after washing their hair? Read on ...
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6 Weirdest Beauty Rituals Women Love

Think your beauty routine is weird? Next time your guy gives you a funny look for doing a face mask or waxing your upper lip, point him in the direction of this list. Here are five beauty rituals that are a little less than conventional.