10 Fabulous Vintage Celebrity Wedding Gowns
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on their wedding day.
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10 Fabulous Vintage Celebrity Wedding Gowns

These days, weddings are becoming more and more extravagant, and that includes the gown. For nostalgia's sake, let's take a look at some fabulous vintage wedding gowns, and remember a simpler time (not that anything having to do with celebrities is ever simple).

Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas The Newlyweds Will Love
Buy something the groom and bride will gush over!
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Buying A Wedding Gift? 7 Ideas Newlyweds Will Love

Say goodbye to traditional wedding gifts from registries, like cutlery and vases. For your next friend's wedding, make your gift memorable by getting the couple-to-be a one-of-a-kind gift. Click through to see our selection of some unique ideas, ranging from Andy Warhol Style couple photos to personalized luxury towels.

Married: The Reason One In Three Women Remove Their Wedding Rings
Let's put that ring back on.
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The Reason One In Three Women Are Removing Their Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that shows to the world that, basically, you're off limits. However, if we're to take the romantic route, it means you're in love, and in it to win it, until death parts you and your partner. That's what a wedding rings means, so what does removing it mean? According to a new study, it has a lot to do with their careers.

Wedding: Get Inspired By This Hilarious Best Man Speech
Nothing like a little music to liven things up!
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Get Inspired By This Hilarious Best Man Speech

When it comes to best man or maid of honor wedding toasts, some can go wrong. And we mean very wrong. But here is a prime example of a wedding toast that scored in all the right ways. Take notes, and get inspired for your next best man speech.

Funny Photos: 12 Funny Engagement Photos
What a way to start a marriage!
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12 Funny Engagement Photos

Engagement photos can range from elegant to just downright strange. But, it is always an expression of a couple's love for each other, and as such should never be laughed at…no matter how ridiculous they can get. (Okay, I've failed already!)

Love: Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Set A Wedding Date!
Last week, Sean and Catherine celebrated their engagement with a party in Seattle.
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The Bachelor's Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Set A Wedding Date!

We've been waiting months for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici to tell us what we want to know: When they're getting married! And they must have heard us thinking it really loudly, because the gorgeous The Bachelor Season 17 couple appeared on Good Morning America on Monday, October 14 to announce the big news.

Love: 8 Wedding Poems For Your Special Day
You may kiss the bride!
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8 Wedding Poems For Your Special Day

So, you're getting married? Mazel tov! It's time to pick a dress, get the hall, and plan what you're going to say to your bride or groom. That's where YourTango comes in. We've selected eight special poems for you and your sweetie to read to each other during your vows, at the reception, even on your wedding night. Chose your favorite and enjoy!