Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Reports say the newlyweds will now enjoy an equally lavish honeymoon in Ireland!
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Who Made The Cut On Kimye's Wedding Guest List?

Unfortunately, it seems like Kimye's guest list was quite a let down compared to the Tom-Kat ceremony and even (gulp) Jimmy Kimmel's! After all, the king and queen of music, Beyoncé and Jay-Z did ditch the wedding after all.

surprised bride
I don't think a bride could get a better surprise than this!
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Must-Watch: Woman Gets The Best Surprise At Her Wedding

Sometimes when a bride plans her wedding she knows that she can't get everything she wants. This reality is usually easy to get over except when it means that a person you’re really close to can't make it to the ceremony. Yes you have to try to be understanding, but deep down you know you will feel like something is missing. Well, luckily for this bride she didn't have to do without her best friend after all!

groom putting bride's wedding ring on
Monica and Leroy Wilkinson have been through it all.
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Mark Cuban Gives Couple Dream Wedding After Cancer Struggle

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban decided to take a break from putting entrepreneurs in the hot seat and talking numbers to do some good! Turns out that the Dallas Mavericks' owner not only wants to invest some of his billion dollars into small business but he likes to invest it in giving struggling people a wonderful day. In this case it’s a couple's wedding day!

Emma stone is just one of the stars Joe wrangled.
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Groom Makes Epic, Star-Studded Video For His Bride

Sky reporter Joe Michalczuk of Britain really took wedding gifts to a new level when he presented his bride with this video of countless stars wishing them well. From Hugh Jackman to Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy, this is a stellar group of stars, all full of love (my personal favorite is Miss Piggy). Watch and enjoy!