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Only you get to decide what is right for your day.
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Should You Invite Homophobic Relatives To Your Wedding?

Having trouble deciding who gets to come to your big day? Despite all the advice you are going to get, there is no one right or wrong way to decide who should or shouldn't be there on your big day. The one thing you can be sure of, is that you are doing the right thing for you. Here are five options on how to decide who should get a wedding invitation.

Single? 5 Ways To Survive Wedding Season [EXPERT]
No plus-one? Don't fret.
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Single? 5 Ways To Survive Wedding Season

All year long you've placed the foil-lined invitation envelopes with your bare ring finger under a fridge magnet. Now, at last the time is upon you — it's officially wedding season. If all your friends are heading down the aisle this summer, you're going to need a single gal's game plan. Here's a survival guide to get you through feeling happy and fulfilled in spite of all the happily ever after around you.

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5 Unique Wedding Invitations We Love

This past January, Jeff and Erin Wong dazzled the Internet with their epic wedding invite, which featured the couple in just about every blockbuster movie stereotype. We thought that was pretty cool until we saw "Darino and Niko's Incredible Adventure," an 8-bit video game where invitees can play as either the bride or the groom to receive details about the wedding. Here's a clip from their Mario/Donkey Kong-inspired creation:

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The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

Jeff and Erin's extravagantly geeky wedding invite has sent the Internet into a frenzy of "awwws" and proclamations of "EPIC WIN." Snail mail invites weren't a glimmer in this couple's eye; instead, they crafted a parody trailer that had them starring in every movie trope and genre imaginable. Their wedding trailer was such a hit that The Early Show joked that it would make Steven Spielberg jealous. We can only hope they do (and document) their wedding in equally epic style. In the meantime, we've compiled videos of some of our favorite wedding stunts for you to enjoy.

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?

You know you'd never invite the horrible ex that broke your heart to your wedding, or the raving psycho who is still trying to get your fiancé back in bed, but what about those in between? Those men and women who are actually friends, even though you used to knock boots? Should you invite them to your wedding?

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Dress Code For Wedding Guests?

Weddings may be all about the details, but gone are the days when fretting over minor points was constricted to the colors of candied almonds and what dresses the bridesmaids will wear. The New York Times reported this weekend some couples now dictate what guests should wear. Everyone knows never to wear white to a wedding, but now some guests are instructed on their wedding invites not to wear outfits that will clash with the flowers, candles... and other guests. Couples are asking friends and fam to wear all white, or pastels, for example, presumably so no one clashes in photos.