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Help: Am I Becoming A Bridezilla?

I'm getting married in August and have been planning the wedding for over a year, so the date has been set for a while now. My brother—my only sibling—got engaged last weekend. I love him and his fiancée, but I was very upset when I found out today that they are planning to get married a mere six weeks before I do.

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Do NOT Take A Friend To A Wedding

The traditional wedding season is not long from running its course this summer (and get ready to put your white pants and shoes away while you're at it) but I have some advice for you anyway as some of your "cheapskate" friends will sneak a wedding in during a fall or winter month. Whenever the wedding may be held, you should strongly consider going stag.

Wedding Etiquette: The Good, Bad & Ugly
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Wedding Etiquette: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Wedding etiquette is a moving target these days, if it exists at all. Ask any wedding vendor and they'll nod in agreement. The reality is we're well beyond the simplistic days when everyone knew, and agreed to, the rules. Today is an anything goes culture  and this is in part why I believe weddings have become so stressful and in some cases pretty toxic for family and new marriages.