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Only you get to decide what is right for your day.
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Should You Invite Homophobic Relatives To Your Wedding?

Having trouble deciding who gets to come to your big day? Despite all the advice you are going to get, there is no one right or wrong way to decide who should or shouldn't be there on your big day. The one thing you can be sure of, is that you are doing the right thing for you. Here are five options on how to decide who should get a wedding invitation.

What's more important: a beautiful wedding or a happy marriage?
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How Wedding Fever Can Ruin Your Relationship

Tom and Melissa spend their non-working hours fighting about, well, everything wedding-related. Tom is beginning to question whether he really wants to marry Melissa, and Melissa wonders why she never noticed how conventional Tom is. Does he really value his uptight relatives' opinions about the color of her dress more than he cares about her only opportunity to don her dream dress?

Top 9 Causes Of Pre-Wedding Jitters [EXPERT]
Got cold feet?
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Top 9 Causes Of Pre-Wedding Jitters

Having wedding jitters does not mean that the marriage is doomed or that it is time to call off the wedding. But all jitters mean that an intervention is needed. Something is making you anxious and you need to understand what it is.

7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress [EXPERT]
Gowns galore!
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7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

As a former costume designer and image consultant, I have dressed many brides and bridal parties in real life and on television. While there is usually more drama behind the scenes of television shows, everyone faces real challenges. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress.

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You can have your cake, and eat it too!
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Why Small, Intimate Weddings Take The Cake

While we live in a time where big weddings are, for some, a major importance, others are realizing that the greatest day in their life doesn't always need to be a ridiculously over-the-top and over-priced event. If we do take a moment to recall the reason behind marriage, it's historically based on love (or arranged situations in certain cultures), and not about competing to see who can spend more on their nuptials.

Planning Your Wedding? 3 Reasons To Keep It Under Wraps [EXPERT]
Are you planning a wedding? Why not keep it a secret?
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Planning Your Wedding? 3 Reasons To Keep It Under Wraps

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied are officially husband and wife, and their wedding day was a secret to just about everyone — something the couple wouldn't have any other way. Of course, most of us are not celebrities and do not have to deal with papparrazi stalking our every move or sharing our private wedding photos with the masses. But, in a time where we document everything from sharing photos of our every meal, outfit and tweeting our every thought, there is something to be said for keeping the biggest day of your life under wraps. Here are three reasons why you should have a secret wedding.

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We're finally getting married! Now I just have to get all the details right...
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I'm Planning My Dream Wedding In Three Months!

You may remember my gripes back in November about not having a set wedding date. My fiancé and I were waiting because of money, stability and priorities. We were (and still are) very young and back then, we were temporarily living in New York, unsure if we were planning to stay. Well, things have changed since then.