What's more important: a beautiful wedding or a happy marriage?
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How Wedding Fever Can Ruin Your Relationship

Tom and Melissa spend their non-working hours fighting about, well, everything wedding-related. Tom is beginning to question whether he really wants to marry Melissa, and Melissa wonders why she never noticed how conventional Tom is. Does he really value his uptight relatives' opinions about the color of her dress more than he cares about her only opportunity to don her dream dress?

Halloween Weddings: Fab Or Frightening? [EXPERT]
How will you make your fall wedding ghoulishly glamorous?
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Halloween Weddings: Fab Or Frightening?

A bridal party dressed as fairies and pirates? Freshly carved pumpkin centerpieces? Frankenstein groom and a equally frightening bride? A hand-tied bouquet crawling with rhinestone spiders? Halloween weddings are a real thing and it might be the theme of your upcoming nuptials.

wedding cake
You can have your cake, and eat it too!
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Why Small, Intimate Weddings Take The Cake

While we live in a time where big weddings are, for some, a major importance, others are realizing that the greatest day in their life doesn't always need to be a ridiculously over-the-top and over-priced event. If we do take a moment to recall the reason behind marriage, it's historically based on love (or arranged situations in certain cultures), and not about competing to see who can spend more on their nuptials.

Engaged? 5 Rules For Keeping Your Friendships Intact [EXPERT]
Best friends forever or best friends for now?
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Engaged? 5 Rules For Keeping Your Friendships Intact

As you transition from being single to married, your friendships will have to transition as well. This transition can be a major alteration of your relationship or a minor change. But, it is always important to keep a strong bond with your single friends, especially when planning your wedding. Here are five tips on keeping good relationships with your single friends as you plan your big day.

marriage ring married
She gave back the ring and never looked back.
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"Why I'm Happy I Didn't Go Through With My Wedding"

The venue is booked. The perfect wedding dress picked out. Flower arrangements, music, seating chart — all the little details — taken care of. But then you get cold feet. No, more than cold feet: You realize you're making a decision that will leave you miserable for life.