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Looks Like We're The 'People' Magazine Of Dating Sites!

Gordon Gooch took to the sites dating tips blog to sing YourTango's praises. "It’s got the allure of flashy celebrity dating gossip; advice from an extensive panel of professional relationship experts; community advice forums; and articles, videos and blogs on every aspect of dating and every relationship stage," writes Gooch. Well, aren't you sweet!

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How To Make Online Dating (Almost) As Fun As Shopping

A new website,, just launched on May 7 with the goal of giving women more power in the online dating game. The site encourages ladies to make the first move; that is, rather than waiting for guys to contact them (as, let's face it, most of us do), women must initiate the conversation.

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"I love you with all of my butt. I would say heart but my butt is bigger."
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Pin It! Our 10 Favorite Love Quotes From Pinterest [GALLERY]

If there's one thing the Internet is good for, it's pictures. If there are two things, it's pictures and quotations. Pinterest, a new website that works like an online bulletin board, brings together these two awesome things into one smorgasboard of fun.

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DuoDater: Double The Date, Double The Fun

First dates can be awkward, especially if you met online and are seeing each other in the flesh for the first time. You might have nothing to talk about. You might be too different. Or, you might actually get along, but end up downing a few too many shots and start venting about your crazy ex, never to see your date again. With new online dating site DuoDater, you can bring your BFF (or even entire posse) along to make the experience of meeting a stranger more organic — and way more fun.

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The 10 Best Wedding Planning Books And Websites

Congratulations, you're engaged! If you plan to have a wedding, even a small one, here comes the next part: planning the biggest party of your life. But when do you mail the invitations? How should you style your hair? Do you have to give out favors? There are tons of choices when it comes to weddings and tons of books, blogs and websites to help brides with those choices. But wading through so much information could easily send you into wedding overload, so we did the work for you and selected our 10 favorite resources for all things wedding.

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Fashion Website Isn't Meant To Alienate Men

I don't know that a formal survey's been done, but I think it's safe to say that in the eyes of most straight men in America, turbans on a women's head aren't hot. Neither are ostrich-feather miniskirts, utility pants, or capes. To many guys, tight, form-fitting, and revealing fashions constitute "sexy." And isn't that what fashion is supposed to be all about? Getting us to look at one woman rather than another?

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Are You Out Of His League?

There are just a few things that all of us can agree upon: 1. Taxes aren't that fun. 2. Healthcare is might pricey. And 3. There is something really unsettling about exceptionally good-looking people dating exceptionally unattractive people. Sometimes, the circumstances are extenuating: he's rich or she wants to look hotter by comparison or he has a fetish or she lost a bet of some kind. The possibilities are endless. But that doesn't keep people from judging them based on looks alone. In fact, a veritable cottage industry (I don't even know what that means) has arisen based upon people's disbelief that SHE IS WITH HIM? A new website wants to let people know, definitively, that they can do better.

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Unvarnished: Could This Site Could Ruin Your Life?, a user generated work review site that's still in beta, is kind of like the sleazy little sister to The site aims to help out employers with written reviews by co-workers of a person's actual performance on the job. Could this ruin a person's career and love life?

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Broken-Heart Rx: The Internet

Recently, we happened upon a charming little website called The concept is very simple: Much in the way that PostSecret publishes postcards with people's deepest secrets written on them, DearOldLove posts small, poignant notes from people who have one last thing to say to that old lover. Under the guise of anonymity, it's surprising how much that's left unsaid finds itself out in the open for all to read.