Virginity, Marriage & France

Virginity, Marriage & France

A young woman in France fibbed to her fiance about her virginity. He demanded (and received an annulment) on these grounds. Then everyone started putting in their 2 cents, so now the case is pending and everyone is agitated and uncomfortable.

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Facebook Group: I Need Sex

Ah, Facebook, one of the most popular social networking tools on the web. Complete with the stalker's mini-feed to tell what your friends are up to and scores of boredom-battling applications, but 23-year old Laura Michaels sure found a new way to use it. Ten minutes after she created "I Need Sex," the group already had 35 members and proceeded to gain the membership of a rough total of 100 men. Maneater Michaels ate up half the group by sleeping with 50 of the guys with the defense that "I was satisfying my own desires."