Taylor Swift
“Her breakup with [blank] inspired every word of RED," a source tells Radar.
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Who Did Taylor Swift Lose Her Virginity To?

Fans curious to know the man-spiration behind Taylor Swift's album RED need look no further! An unnamed source has come forward with information regarding the country crooner's broken heart over a particular (very) famous celeb.

7 Women Reveal Their Biggest Sex Regrets
What's your biggest sex regret?
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7 Women Reveal Their Biggest Sex Regrets

A new study reveals men and women have completely different regrets when it comes to sex. We polled women of all ages to find out their biggest I-really-wish-I-hadn't moments when it comes to their sex life, past and present.

Celebrity Sex: Stars Who Lost Their Virginity In Their Twenties
Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima waited until her wedding night at the age of 27!
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Celebrities Who Gave Up Their V-Cards In Their Twenties

Ironically, Adriana has made her career out of being one of the sexiest Victoria's Secret Angels ever to walk the runway. But she famously told GQ that "sex is for after marriage" and waited until she was 27 years old to lose her virginity. So who else abstained from sex until their adult years?

Celebrity Sex: Chris Brown Lost His Virginity At 8!
Chris Brown's first time was in third grade. And look at him now.
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Chris Brown's Sex Shocker: I Lost My Virginity At Age 8!

When Chris Brown lost his virginity, most of us were losing things like Pokemon cards and Barbie's shoes. The "Fine China" singer revealed that he actually got his sexual start way early—he lost his virginity when he was just eight years old to a girl who was 14 or 15 at the time. Brown revealed that his Virginia upbringing played a big role in his stunted virginity.

Celebrity Sex: Is Catherine Giudici Not A Virgin Anymore?
Sean Lowe says 'Bachelor' fans should expect a wedding date soon.
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Is Catherine Giudici Not A Virgin Anymore?

When Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici made their relationship official during The Bachelor, we feared Sean's raging lack of premarital sexy hormones would rub off on her. And rub off they did. Sean and Catherine are abstaining from hanky panky until the night of their wedding, which means they're both born-again virgins. But guys, did Catherine cash in her 2.0 v-card? 

Dating a Virgin
Just because they don't have sex doesn't meant they don't want to.
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Dating a Virgin

One expert explains the perks of going on a date with a virgin. Learn all about how to date someone that is celibate, and why it could be fun!