Just dumped
Just dumped?

The Worst Possible Ways To End A Relationship

"I assume most people are good people, so I think the hardest thing about breaking up with somebody is ... saying to someone 'I don't like you; I don't want to spend the rest of my life with you.' Nobody wants to say that to somebody!" explains comedian Jared Freid candidly at the onset of this humorous yet insightful look into the "art of breaking up."

heavy woman
There's no such thing as "too fat to date."

Help! I'm Too Fat To Date

Have you recently gained weight? Are you wondering whether to lose weight before diving back into the dating scene? If so, help is on the way.

young woman with bangs looking in mirror
Do you feel attractive?

Help! I Don't Feel Attractive

Do you struggle with bad body image? Are you aware of its negative impact on your love life, but unable to do anything about it? If so, help is on the way.

leather jacket jeans
Do you date bad boys?

Do Women Only Date Bad Boys?

There's no denying that some girls tend to go for bad boys, but do good guys stand a chance? Does it pay to be a patient, loyal, generous man, or is it all in vain?

smiling woman in black
Are you a widow?

When Is It OK For A Widow To Start Dating?

When you get divorced, your friends will encourage you to start dating again as soon as you're ready — possibly even sooner than that. But when your spouse passes away, things can be a little more complicated, a little less clear. A widow may wonder, when is the appropriate time to start dating again?