unhappy couple in bedroom
Even if he's not so great in the bedroom, should you give the relationship another try?

Can Your Relationship Survive Boring Sex?

Do you wonder how important sexual chemistry is in dating? Can it make or break a relationship? If you feel 'the spark' on a first date, is it a sign that you're compatible as a couple? If so, help is on the way.

technology and dating
Does connecting online create a false sense of intimacy?

Is Technology Ruining Dating?

With online dating sites, apps and social media, technology has undoubtedly changed the way we meet and fall in love. But with its benefits, technology has its downsides. How else has technology changed the dating scene?

how to save your marriage: therapy
Why wait to heal your relationship?

Is It Too Late To Save Your Marriage With Therapy?

According to a statistic from the Gottman Institute, the average couple who enters therapy has known about the issue that brought them to therapy for six years before they actually got help. Why do couples wait so long to get help? If your relationship is on the rocks, should you consult a relationship expert?

Do women expect too much from men?
Do you have a 'list' of desired qualities in a guy?

Do Women Expect Too Much From Men?

We all know what we seek for in an ideal significant other. We have our wishlists and our drop-dead dealbreakers. But when it comes to relationships, are women's expectations too high?

Ready to exchange vows again?

What Are The Biggest Challenges Of Remarriage?

With nearly one-third of marriages in the United States being second-time unions, more and more couples are giving love a second chance by saying 'I do' all over again. But what can you do to make your next marriage last long after the honeymoon is over?

The differences between men and women
What's the difference between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?

How Different Are Men And Women Really?

Twenty years ago, John Gray's best-selling book 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' got both sexes talking about whether we are, in fact, all that different. So how are we different—biologically, psychologically and emotionally—and how do those difference affect our relationships with each other?